Cumulative update KB5001391 fails to Install

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Hello Guys ! A expected ONCE AGAIN Microsoft Cumulative update KB5001391 fails to install on #Windows 20H2 , as this has been the 3rd failed update like previously two KB5000842 and KB5001330. Am I the alone on this planet ? The error message I have received is 0x800f0922. I got a new Laptop HP 8th generation. What is happening inside Microsoft these days ? 

Shout out loud If you're having the pain like I have these days ? Please Please Please

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@Jauhar You are not alone. It's happening to me too.

Yup, same here. I had hoped 1391 would fix it all, but it didn't.
Hi Grava ! Yes mate. MS disappointed us all and We all are pissed right now. Keep posting to MS Please
Hi HotCakeX. I have tried but failed. Unfortunately :(
Hello Bhupinder Ji ! A few of you has responded to this. My previous post about KB5001330 has reached to 70 thousands peoples and roughly 100 people have commented. All the efforts went in vain. Stay connected Pal. Cheers :)
Hope your diagnostics and telemetry is on and set to optional so that Windows automatically lets msft know about these update issues.
Windows setting => privacy => diagnostic and feedback

you can also submit a feedback in feedback hub



Hi, happy to report that for me this issue is now resolved. I contacted MS support via the "Get Help" link in the window where you check your updates.

They told me to download and run the upgrade tool you can find here: Download Windows 10 (


You need to upgrade your windows 10 to windows 10... Weird, but I must admit that it solved my issue. Takes a while (+/- 1 hour) though. After that all updates including KB5001391 installed successfully. Also best to run a disk cleanup afterwards.


So far, everything seems to be fully functional again.


Definitely worth a try!

On a sidenote, if it does succeed to install:
On my rig (amd 3700x and rtx 2080 super) it causes screenflickering ingame.

Do note that i did update to the latest NVidia display driver at the time of update.
Uninstalled KB5001391 and all is well again.
You have been warned :)

Having the same issue on a Surface Book 2. Disappointing to have an MS device unable to install this update.
Well I got a bad internet at this point and it is slow. I am sure my upgrade will take forever. But thanks for sharing the good piece with us :)
I have git the latest Nvidia installed on my hp Laptop
Not only this one KB5001391 but previous two had been the pain as well KB 5000842 and KB5001330
Oh Mine upgrade says ! Thank you for the latest version. It is not allowing me to get KB5001391 ?????/





I have to protest because KB5001391 is a preview of the cumulative update and is optional i.e. you forced it to download and it is not as you write normal use of the computer does not download optional updates = which are additional and require 

proper environment to install for some reason your computer does not provide it!



I would add that now I installed KB5001391 on an old computer that has 2G RAM and the old processor there were no problems so it is not a matter of hardware quality!

I wonder why you're doing forcing updates as your system works fine!   




I have currently 19042.928 ( KB5001330 ) installed and I installed KB5001330 after running a fresh OS Windows 10 Home via USB Iso image. So in order to install KB5001391 I have to format my C ( System Partition ) and have to install 19042.631 from the ISO I have in my USB ???? Do you suggest that ?     

It wrote to me Jauhar 2 hours earlier I think that his entries are exaggerated in criticism! Thank you very much for this answer because I am writing the truth and I am not a Microsoft employee!
But the MTC commits to objective evaluation!
   Thanks a lot     


Hello everyone.

I think it's all about showing that all updates are faulty!

In fact, we try to help someone and hear that we did not help! 

it wrote to me: Jauhar yesterday.

May 02 2021 10:38 AM

But I do have no idea about the missing components. I have been updating cumulative update without any hassle for the past few years and this was the 1st time I met this issue and it is severe actually because I have applied all the methods given by you people under this post but I found no help at all