Creators Update Fall has left creators who use a pen holding a wooden stick

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Been using a stylus (with useful on-screen keyboard*) exclusively since 2007 on Windows tablets.


CUF is a massive step backwards in terms of the pen's usefullness and I'm amazed as to how this change received approval.


The problems coming down the tracks were flagged up by others, but to no avail.


"For some reason, Microsoft totally changed the behavior of the “Windows Ink” enabled pens in scroll-able pages and lists. No longer does pressing & dragging allow you to manipulate selections or objects like you would expect and like it has since Windows XP Tablet PC Edition in 2002… now that action will scroll or pan the list. This “feature” breaks many user interaction conventions that users rely on."


The stylus is now a poor, simple sixth finger.


To show this "by design" calamity has not been well thought through I'll give one clear example - others can readily be found online.


Pen flicks - still a component feature of Windows 10 and a major productivity enhancement for pen-centric creators - has been rendered absolutely unusable by this change. Why does Windows 10 contain a stylus feature which is now literally unworkable following an update which was supposedly aimed at creators.


Answers on a postcard please. I believe these changes are so egregious that the changes will be revised but in the meantime MS are severely impacting on the very market the OS ugrade was supposedly targetted at. A bitter irony.


*The replacement of the on-screen full keyboard layout in CUF with a condensed keyboard is another own goal, making life exceedingly difficult for the stylus/slate tablet user.






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