camera works in skype but not in zoom and discord

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The laptop of my wife, a Lenovo with Windows10 and all updates installed, refuses to use the camera in Zoom and Discord, but works in Skype. All you see is a black screen.

The settings in Privacy allow all app's.

I tried installing all the updates, even the recommended, but to no result.

There is no anti-virus software beside Defender running.

The led adjacent to the camera is lit when using Zoom.

Anyone an idea what might cause this?

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I Got A Few Troubleshooting Tips To Help You Get Started

So Your Camera Works With Skype But Not Zoom Or Discord !!

Did You Tried Checking Camera Settings In Settings App?? If Not Please Check By Settings>Devices>Check If Your Camera Is Listed; Then Go To Settings>Privacy>Select Camera From The Left-Hand Menu And Check If “Allow Access To Your Camera” Is On And In “Allow Desktop Apps List” Zoom And Discord Are On…

Still Not Showing Then Continue

Is Your Device Plug-And-Play?? If Not Check And Drivers And Try Reinstalling The Drivers Through Device Manager By Right Clicking Start>Choose Device Manager>Click On View>Show Hidden Devices>Camera And Then Select The Device And ALT+ENTER>Click On Drivers Tab And Update The Drivers…

If It Still Shows The Black Screen See If The Camera Is Compatible With Zoom And Discord By Visiting The Manufacturer's Site….If It Isn’t Compatible With Zoom And Skype There Is Problem In The Device Itself …

Thank You Have A Good Day Hope This Helps You
As I told you, the camera works in Skype. And in Discord the led beside the camera is also switched on so it works. My wife only doesn't get a picture.
I removed in the device manager the camera wich was listed under Camera's and Scanners and restarted the laptop. The camera was re-added in the same tab automatically and again works in Skype but not in Discord and Zoom.
I disabled in Privacy the camera access completely and rebooted. Then I allowed access again to all store and desktop app's and rebooted.
Still the same. Black screen.
I added a different camera (salvaged from an old laptop, an HP camera) and that works.

Hello @warnerk,


Is the camera working in the native Camera app? As you said that different camera worked, if you still want to troubleshoot original camera, you might want to try other suggestions here:



@Kapil AryaYes, the camera works in the camera app. I tried installing the driver from Lenovo but it sais that a better driver has already been in stalled.

And all options from the suggestions don't work either.

I am having the same issue. The camera worked just fine for zoom and skype and then I updated to windows 10. Now the camera works just fine for skype but its blank for zoom, even though the light shows it on and working. 

So its not the camera. Its some windows zoom interaction. How to fix it?



Could you please check in your settings in privacy options, if it permition for applications are enable?



in the end of window you can see all the application that have access


@ got it working. 

Privacy settings were good- which allowed the blank screen with the camera light to be on. Downloading/re-installing zoom didn't help anything. I assumed the driver was fine since the camera would work just fine with skype, but for whatever reason, I downloaded/re-installed the camera driver, then it worked just fine on Zoom. 

I just bought a new laptop for my wife. When everything is transferred to the new one, which comes monday, I will do a clean install with the newest W10 21H1 and then we shall see if the problem sustains. I will report my findings.
for me all apps are permitted to use the camera.



try to change the camera software.
execute run (Windows+R)





Update driver button


Browse my computer for drivers



Let me pick from a list ...



Select one of the opstions, or reinstall