Backup problems

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I hope to get some information from the community here because, so far, I couldn't find anything...

I have been trying to backup my laptop before getting a new one, but I can't copy my main folder (with all documents, pictures, articles, etc) in any external hard-drive, because, no matter the capacity of the HDD (and my latest one is a 8TB...), Windows says that it needs another 56GB of space to copy the files...

A more techy friend of mine, told me that one of the folder could be corrupted making think Windows to be much larger than it actually is.

I did do several 'Health checks' and scan disk with no luck, no errors have been found.

Is there anything else I can do please?

Thank you!

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Make a new disk image of the source drive and restore it to new drive. There are many free apps for doing this.