Azure AD joined computer with multiple users - remember usernames?

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We have several shared Windows 10 PCs. They are all Azure AD joined, cloud-only, no hybrid/on-prem stuff. Our users login with their organizational accounts only. There are no old-school local users on the computers, nor do we want them.


The sign in process on the computers requires that users have to re-enter their username (email)  and password/PIN every time they change users (by clicking "Other User" on the Lock Screen) because only the last user is remembered. Is there a way to remember (or at least configure) a set of organiztional users on the PC's lock screen, so that they don't have to pick "Other User" every time someone wishes to login?


This is a small business, and they do not use SCCM or Intune as of now, FWIW.


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@Bob Manjoney did you finaly got an answer about this? I am running the same issue as you...





Never have found a solution for this, sorry Steeve.
Sorry to bring this fold topic but I am faced with the same problem. I work in school and teachers are mainly old and it is really a headache for me to make them enter their credentials every time. There has got to be a way for the pc to remember the accounts.

@naskox having similar issues. Let me know if you figure something out.

I was also thinking that having them only enter their username and automatically adding their domain would be great. Not sure if that's possible.

Apparently people at our school are struggling with the login screen timeout after 30 seconds if you don't enter anything. Can't find a work-around for that yet either.

It's very difficult for young students.


Use gpedit.msc to enable the policy "Enumerate local users on domain-joined computers." It is found at Computer Configuration -> System -> Logon.