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My W 10 Hp notebook was updated to w 10 version 19030.1 but the new update arrived w 10 version 19033.1 but there  I can not be able to download and install that Update ..when it is time to restart my PC it always crushed and the download which is ready to restart comeback again to 0% my update was begun on w 10 version 19037.1  and security intelligent  update for Windows Defender Antivirus - KB 2267602(version 1.307.150.0)...but still the I did not be  able to download and install w 10 version 19033.1 and its equivalent Window Defender Antivirus..How to Install the W 10  version 19033.1 and its equivalent Windows Defender Antivirus..

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Hello! You posted this as a comment to this Exchange blog, which is unrelated to your question. I've moved this to the Windows 10 space. Please post Windows 10 questions here in the future.