Microsoft Viva Glint is now generally available! Enhance business performance with engaged employees
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In today’s dynamic business environment, the ability for organizations to adapt and evolve relies on the strength and resilience of their employees, and having a continuous pulse on their people enables this further. Our recent research1 shows that businesses with an engaged workforce performed twice as well financially compared to those with a disengaged workforce. To effectively use employee feedback to improve engagement, organizations must put in place a comprehensive employee listening strategy.


We’re excited to announce Microsoft Viva Glint is now generally available as the latest addition to Microsoft Viva. Viva Glint joins Viva Insights, Viva Engage, and Viva Pulse to provide a comprehensive approach to understanding employee voice and related ambient signals such as social sentiment and collaboration patterns. We've taken the Glint that thousands of CHROs and business leaders love and built it into the Microsoft Cloud, offering enhanced security, compliance and data governance.


With the addition of employee sentiment insights from Viva Glint, Viva will provide the platform to capture the broadest set of direct and indirect signals and leverage next-generation AI to recommend actions, offering customers a single solution to improve engagement and business performance. Viva helps customers connect the dots from insight to action – and in the future, offer recommendations across products based on the strengths and opportunities from Viva Glint surveys. Whether it’s building career paths in Viva Learning or improving leadership connection with Viva Engage – there’s so much we can do to help our customers assess, take action and measure impact. And best of all, Viva Glint is available for customers as part of the Viva suite subscription.

How Viva Glint empowers leaders with insights to better understand and improve engagement

Viva Glint equips HR, business leaders and managers with comprehensive tools to understand and support their employees. As with any successful engagement program, Viva Glint starts with seeking and understanding employees’ needs through a robust people science methodology. Viva Glint is designed to analyze results in real-time, leveraging natural language processing, and enabling data-driven change by empowering leaders and managers with action planning tools to improve team and business outcomes. The result enables every organization to shape a tailored engagement strategy aligned with its unique goals.


Let’s take a closer look at how Viva Glint helps improve business outcomes.



Viva Glint helps you gather feedback throughout the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to exit, and provides timely results to foster organization-wide engagement.


Employees can complete these intuitive surveys that are accessible across devices, regions, and abilities.


Managers can see deidentified and aggregated results from a team of five or more to ensure confidentiality in the form of easy-to-use interactive and customizable dashboards.


Organization leaders can use their view to compare aggregated results across teams, map them to internal and external benchmarks, and drive change through predictive analytics, and recommended actions built on an analysis of strengths, risks, and trends.


Copilot in Viva Glint will be coming to offer managers and leaders the ability to gain immediate insights into the employee experience using next-generation AI to summarize thousands of employee comments. Users can explore employee comments by asking questions in natural language and dig deeper to understand perceptions and recommendations.



Organizations that communicate well and often with their employees tend to experience higher business performance. Now with the addition of Glint in Viva, leaders will have the ability to drive connected actions to create meaningful change.


Harness the power of sentiment data and workplace behavioral data with Viva

While engagement surveys have been a primary way for organizations to measure how employees feel about their experience, what’s been missing to date is the ability to connect those insights to workplace behaviors that shape employee perceptions. Later this year, we will be bringing together aggregated employee engagement data from Viva Glint coupled with behavioral and collaboration data from Viva Insights to deepen understanding of organizational performance in a much more modern, integrated and privacy protected way for our customers. The combination of direct and indirect signals along with suggested actions in Viva will allow leaders to improve workforce engagement and performance. Customers such as Sage, a global financial software company with over 10,000 employees, has leveraged the recommendations from Viva Glint and Viva Insights data to reduce attrition, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity by streamlining unnecessary meetings.


Viva Glint is available now as part of the Viva suite or available as a standalone solution. To learn more about Viva Glint, please visit the Viva Glint product page


Empowering managers with continuous data-based insights of their team engagement

Managers play a critical role in the happiness and success of their people. Research shows that manager effectiveness was the top priority of HR leaders going in 20232. As such, we’re excited to share that Microsoft Viva Pulse is generally available! Viva Pulse provides a purpose-built tool for managers and project leads to easily request regular, confidential feedback, so they can understand their team needs and take action. Viva Pulse provides well-designed, research-backed templates on topics like wellbeing or organizational change that are preconfigured with the right set of questions. This empowers teams to use their voice and enables managers to pinpoint what’s working well and what areas to focus on over time – increasing transparency and encouraging people managers to bring those insights back into team conversations. Survey creators can view team trends and patterns as well as suggested learning recommendations to address feedback. Most importantly, Viva Pulse is complementary and additive to the traditional HR-driven org-wide engagement surveys like Viva Glint. Viva Pulse puts continuous listening and feedback into the hands of managers without relying on HR, empowering them with the tools to actively listen, coach, and make better decisions to improve the overall performance of their team.



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[1] The New Performance Equation in the Age of AI (

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