Universal Print outage resolved (1/27/2021 - 1/28/2021)


Hi everyone,


Universal Print experienced a prolonged period of instability between 1/27/2021 and 1/28/2021 which affected several tenants across West US, caused requests to fail intermittently, and may have caused some print jobs to fail. We have since resolved the issue and the service is operating normally.


To improve the reliability of Universal Print as well as the speed and transparency of communication during outages, we'll be:


  • Putting measures in place to avoid a similar issue in the future; and
  • Including real-time Universal Print status in the Service health section of M365 Admin center (coming soon).

If you're still having issues accessing Universal Print, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by creating a support ticket.



The Universal Print team

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Does print.print.microsoft.com determine if the system is up?  

Our Admins can print but users using the Allow access to everyone in my organization are not working.





I won't recommend https://print.print.microsoft.com as an official status indicator for "is UP working?" but it could be a good thing to check if you see your requests failing.


In the near future we'll be integrated into Microsoft 365 Service health, and soon after that we hope to deliver status updates via Azure Portal itself when we detect issues.


Assigning Access
Can you share more details about your issue? Is the operation failing, or is it disabled? If it's disabled, please make sure the printer you're trying to assign access to is shared. You won't be able to add users or groups, or allow all users.


Got it, good advice.

We have Canon Printers which offer native support to UP. 


My question: Access Control

Allow access to everyone in my organization - did not work

User - this works

User Groups - Tested early-on and was not working


Which is the preferred way if I want the entire company to have access?


Thanks in advance

@BikeTech All three methods (users, groups, all) are expected to work for all tenants.


Are you able to file a support ticket to get this issue routed to the engineering team?