Join the Universal Print secure release preview


We are constantly at work to improve Universal Print. We know secure release is important to you. In fact, many of you voted for this feature. If you are interested in a feature preview, please complete this short form.

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Is there an expected public release date for this feature? We are heavily considering using universal print for our printing solution but are stuck waiting as a secure release feature is a requirement for our association. @Rani_Abdellatif 

@FCSC_Chris, this feature started rolling out publicly on May 23. Please check the documentation at Secure Release with QR Code - Universal Print | Microsoft Learn.



Interesting. Searched high and low and couldnt find this. Thanks for the information. 


Are there plans to add other methods of secure release at all? I see the iOS will be supported in the near future but other than that. Would be nice to see a badge release option. 

@FCSC_Chris, sorry the information wasn't easy to find. I wonder if that's because it got published recently.

Badge support is planned (i.e., it's on the backlog but the work has not been scheduled yet). Please upvote the feature request at RFID badges support - Microsoft Community Hub.

For Badge release, there is a dependency on badge readers and printer OEMs. We are working with most OEMs to build on top of the Universal Print secure release platform. We expect that badge support will be added as our partners hear more from the customers directly. Please feel free to request this from your printer OEM / solution provider.
Hi all,

Is there any information on a date at which ios will be supported? We currently want to deploy but with big iPhone user base it's not functional for us :)
Will be interesting for us as well when iOS will be supported.