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I can't use Universal Print connector.I get an error every time I use it, the error code is AADSTS50020:"User account '*********' from identity '' does not exist in tenant 'Microsoft Services' and cannot accsee the application(Universal Print Connector) in that tenant. The account needs to be added as an external user in the tenant first.Sign out and sign in again with a different Azure Active Directory user account.








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@john_wang what user are you signing in with? Seems like you are using your ID which is a personal Microsoft email.


To sign-in to the connector, you need to have a Azure AD tenant and signin as the global/print admin of that tenant.




Thanks for the reply, I used a Microsoft account to log in, this account is also an Azure global administrator account, and applied for the print administrator identity

@john_wang - if you are logging in as Azure AD tenant admin (not MSA) and still facing issue, please reach out to Microsoft Support via Azure Support portal.



I am getting this same error. I selected the "+ Add a new printer or scanner" from the Printers and Scanners Settings page. It asks me to login using a now defunct business email address. I put my current email address which is a Microsoft Live ID, authenticate successfully and then get this error.


The email address is a personal  Outlook 365 email address. I have no access to Azure. I do have an active personal subscription to Office 365. I don't understand why I need some sort of Azure authentication to install a new printer using the Universal Print Driver.


How to get this to work, or work around it?



Universal Print is a feature for schools and other organizations. In its current form it cannot be used for personal use. In other words you need to have organizational accounts with licenses for Microsoft 365 or Universal Print standalone.