Pearson Partner Store Exam Vouchers not working

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We are trying to buy some exam vouchers for our customers.


When we did this with Arvato, we got the Exam Voucher Codes almost immediately after making the payment.


We tried doing the same with the new Pearson Partner Store. The payment has been registered in our card, but we cannot access the Exam Voucher Codes. 


It says in the FAQ that should be sent via email in the next 48 business hours. Or in the order history should appear a button to retrieve the voucher codes after 24 hours.

There have already passed the 48 hours and there is no email nor button in order to get the Voucher Codes. Customers are desperate to get their codes and we are not able to give them those codes.


We have tried to contact Pearson support. The Phone number, nobody answers it. Live chat says they cannot help us and should contact via phone. Finally, via email the only answer we get is the automated response that they received the email.


It has been a big step back in the Service Level compared as what it used to be. Not to mention that we no longer have a one-step shop for all Learning Assets.


Could somebody here help?




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@DanDonohue can you help here? 


@Raul_Lopez_Garcia you may also want to try ILT Coursware support. I'm not certain they can help, but Mindy will be able to help guide us. 


Hi @Raul_Lopez_Garcia, thanks for sharing your feedback. 


Based on this and other escalations we made some improvements to the process. If you (or anyone else) find yourself having the same experience the next time you order vouchers, please let me know here. 





Hi Dan,

I have been trying to create a partner account to order exam vouchers but no luck.

Can you please help me create one?



Can you please help me understand what is meant by ORG ID? Also, where should I find the same in the partner center? 

Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 12.22.45 AM.png