Cannot register to certification exam with my last name (and city name)

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Cannot register my name with the correct characters since it has to match with my identification. My name is Patrik Höiem-Flyckt but had to register with Patrik Hoeiem-Flyckt (use oe since that is frequently used as a substitution for ö). But on my id-card it is spelled with an ö. So how do we solve this and why don't you support all characters that is part of UTF-8, that should be used in every modern application nowadays?

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While I am unfamiliar with this issue in regards to a European background, in Japan we of course face a similar challenge. I tell my students to input their name and city information in English characters, and none have reported an issue to me so far.

Have you contacted Pearson Vue to confirm with them? In my experience they are usually understanding and aware of the limitations of the system.

Here is the link for EMEA support for test takers. You could also just call your test center directly, they're generally pretty helpful.
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Hello --


What @Joshua_R_Jones mentioned is a good viable option for support on this issue.


You can also utilize our ILT support:  They have a section for support with certifications and such. 


Either of these options should provide you with support. If you are still having the same issue, please reach back out to us.


Thank you!