Can't access Learn courseware modules

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Something has happened with the official courseware, that prevents the student from jumping to a specific module.


For example,

Under the “Course Syllabus” headline, all you can access is the first module:


There’s no option to jump to a desired module, so you are forced to go step by step through the e-learning including the test questions before you can even access the next module.

How is this supposed to work with instructor-led training, or a student looking for a specific module after class?

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@Mindy_Rosenthal can you help? Thank you kindly. :)



Hi Jakob —


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We flagged this issue on MS learn, and the Publishing team has fully resolved it. 

Should you have anymore issues, please reach out. 

thank you! 

Thanks Mindy!
Yes now it looks like the module navigation is back.