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hi.  is there any information on the deltas between the current and new AZ-104 exam and the changes we will expect to the course when the updated version is released on 1st Sept please?




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When Microsoft changes course+exam content, they usually make a note of it in the study guide for that course. Here is an example from PL-900 So once AZ-104 is updated with new content, you can direct your learners to for the change log. Please confirm that page has been updated before sharing to learners, to avoid confusion. :)
hello Joshua

thanks for this but my inquiry was more about the nature of changes in order for us to better plan in prep time for our instructors. Ideally we need more detail on the changes prior to the release date of the new version of the course so that we can plan in the required amount of prep now for when the new version releases.


I am not aware of changes being discussed in-depth in either these forums or the monthly partner call prior to the release date. Perhaps @DanDonohue can comment on if that information can be made available earlier for partners, so that they can plan their lessons more effectively.



Hi Laurence, 


I had a few similar questions prior in this forum, where I shared the new updates for AZ-104 in correlation to the exam. There is no scheduled update for the course on September 1st, please refer back to the latest title plan forum post that states what those dates are for, found here: July Monthly Title Plan V2 - Microsoft Community Hub 


Please see the information I posted below regarding AZ-104.



The AZ-104 exam changes have been announced - Study guide for Exam AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator | Microsoft Learn.


The course update will align with those changes. Most of the changes are already in the course, but here are few specific things we are doing:

  • PPT 4 - Firewall was marked optional in the last update. It will now be removed. 
  • PPT  5 - VPN Gateway and ER/VWAN were marked optional in the last update. They will now be removed. Configure routing and endpoints will be moved here.
  • PPT 6 - Now just focused on the load balancer, application gateway, and network watcher. 
  • PPT 9 - Mark AKS optional. Add a little bit on Azure Container Apps. 
  • GitHub (completed) - Add the Instructor Demonstrations to the GitHub (scroll down after the Lab instructions). 


Thank you! Let me know how else I can support.