Getting logged out periodically


For the third day now, I'm getting logged out of the MCT in the middle or writting a reply. Even though I've logged in 10 mins ago, which is my other grief - I'm getting prompted to login every day now. What happened with the increased session lifetime, did some update borked this?


Is anyone else experiencing similar behavior, or it's again something specific to IE?

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I'm not seeing exactly this behaviour, more like every 2 to 3 days, I get logged out, which is a bit of nuisance, especially across multiple devices.  Don't recall being logged out mid reply or anything like that.  I do get the token mismatch (or something like that) error if I leave a reply for too long before I post it and it stops saving changes.


Just to add, this is predominantly in Chrome, that I use.

Vasil, I'm on Vivaldi and have approximately the same. Sometimes with clicking on Post in reply i surprisingly see what i'm logged-out.

And have to login every day if not more often. 

OK, so I'm not the only one then. @Allen perhaps something you can look into?

I looked up the cookies used by Lithium and a user session is meant to last for up to 30 days best I can tell (with the appropriate option enabled), which I don't think any of us are seeing.  Maybe this is overridden by the custom login experience we have here. 


Great if Vasil's issue could be investigated and some guidance about sessions seemingly timing out sooner than expected.  I imagine it's a real turn off especially for new members, that might not have the patience to keep logging back in.


Just to add - this is what I see when logged out, here I was away for a couple of hours and ran a search when I got back from where I was last in the community.  I have to go back to the home page and sign in again, not much of a drag as what Vasil is seeing but not ideal either.


Microsoft Tech Community Logged out glitch.png


So I just had to login 3 times doing my evening sweep of the MTC. It's getting annoying...

In my case the issue disappeared in latest 2-3 days, have no idea why. More or less normal behaviour, at least compare to previous week with quite often re-logins.

Sadly, still going strong here. I guess another IE win...

I just had this happen to me. (:

Welcome to the club! You're not gonna love it though :)

I guess Dean is in club for a long while with this or that issues. What is annoying admins add some features and fix bugs (at the same time introducing another bugs) on more or less regular basis without any informing about updates. Never knows behaviour changes since another update on your local PC or these were changes on the site.

Hi all,


Sorry I didnt get back to you, the signout time out for the community is set at over a week but since everyone logs in using MSA (or most people do) your session will expire with MSA long before it does with the community. When that happens you will need to log back into the community again.


Given our audience I doubt this will be an education to anyone here but just for completeness, remember that if you have anything installed that automatcially cleans up your browsing session then it will cause the cookie to be deleted and you will need to re-authenticate. 

I'm using O365 account, and cookies havent been cleared in months, still have to login pretty much every day (and if I'm lucky, few times per day). This started happening recently, was working fine before...

I also on work account and entire previous week had experience as Vasil has. Why disappeared - don't know, i didn't clean PC and change any settings. If only installed another cumulative update prev Tue

This just happened again to me. I was prompted to login about 1 hour ago, I was browsing through some posts and all of a sudden got redirected to the login screen. Not a big deal, but definetely not expected nor correct behavior.

Hi all,


Thank you for the feedback, I want to talk through some of the points raised here.


From a security perspective your session should time out after (x) period of inactivity, this is to help ensure your account and the information in it is kept secure. What I am hearing from this thread is that your getting logged out even if your in the middle of doing something and thats something I will look into further.


I actually think our timeout is to long on community and that you should be forced to log back in more often (i.e. maybe once a week or every few days) but it sounds like we arent currently getting to the existing timeout and thats what I will need to understand.


It may take me a little while to circle back with you on this one, what with Microsoft Ignite getting underway on Monday. Our top priority for the next couple of weeks will be to improve the page load times for some of the pages as we have seen many of you waiting a few seconds for some pages to render. 


Again thanks for the feedback





Grrr just had the same happen just as I pressed the "post" reply button. It's so **bleep** annoying...
Hi All,

I have asked one of our teams that manage our system to investigate this and get back to me. I will share more info as soon as its available.
This looks more and more like a performance/scalability issue. It's fine during the day (EU) or the weekend, and happens most often around this time, where the concurrent usage is highest. Perhaps you can get the Lithium folks to beef up their specs a bit?