Feedback - Functional oriented discussions (vs. product oriented)

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I often feel like I don't konw where to post some of my questions or comments due to them being cross-product or more general.


I strongly recommend additional discussion Communities that are NOT product focused.




A couple by business size:  Small Business (1-100 employees), Mid-size (100-1000)


A couple by functional topic:


Collaboration / Working Out Loud


Change Management (practices on dealing with new releases and new products)




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Tagging in @Simon Terry and @Lesley Crook for thoughts on a discussion-community around Working Out Loud in this space.

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Thanks @Deleted and Thank you @Rob O'Keefe for raising this. There was some discussion at the launch of this community about the need for more cross-product domains. However, the ambition for this community is clearly to provide strong domain expertise around the products and to cluster contributions around those products for their SEO benefits.  The Thought Leadership community is one space that has been used for a number of purpose. Its audience is small but it's potential is significant. We can have more conversations in that community. There are areas for adoption under some of the product categories but as Office 365 grows more integrated and its ambitions increase then let's hope we can see more space for those common cross-product conversations. If we create enough activity, you can be sure that the community managers here will help shape that into the right forums. They are very responsive to the community and its success.  @Anna Chu @Maddie Egan @Michael Holste

You have also prompted me @Rob O'Keefe to be more diligent in sharing WOL content in the thought leadership group.

Thanks for flagging - hoping this guidance will be helpful.  When deciding where to post a question or comment, think of who you want to be responding to the question.  Which product teams or experts would you like input on?  Likely these experts are also knowledgable in products or areas outside of the defined community or space and can help.  We use labels and tags to enhance the discoverability of those posts via search.  If all else fails, contact the community managers here who can help direct your question.  You could do this by posting your post anywhere and @mentioning @Michael Holste, @Lana O'Brien@Maddie Egan or @Daniel Martins (for Azure Cloud and Data Platform related products) and they can move the post to the most appropriate space.

Thanks Simon Terry -- I had not seen the Thought Leadership section but now am a member.

@Anna Chu @Simon Terry @Deleted perhaps we run an AMA on #workingoutloud during the next #workingoutloud week 5th June. Or have you already done that?



The Thought Leadership group was mentioned, but a few others to look to: 


Driving Adoption

Security, Privacy & Compliance

Change Alerts (Office 365)


The only plan specifc area we have is an Education space. We found in the Office 365 Yammer network that often folks didn't use the SMB space we created. 


And as Anna said, if you have a question you can always ask me! :)

Thought Leadership section?

Thanks for the tip, but, what is it?

You can find the Thought Leadership community here ( where members discuss future trends, insights & future of work and IT.

Look forward to seeing you in the Thought Leadership space

Thanks for the ping, Simon .

I'm reading some pages linked from Thought Leadership (very, very interesting) and seeking for an opportunity to contribute.

I'm trying to conceptualize the Office 365 tools through a more traversal, functional approach.

I'm being a presenter for many years in Office, Sharepoint, protocols and .Net developing.

A tightrope walker ;) over consulting, IT, developing and training.

I got (at Thought Leadership) a pretty page about the "new" Digital Workspace:


To add to the discussion, I'd like to see an Enterprise Mobility space under the EMS community. Similar to the Azure and Office 365 spaces in their respective communities.  A place for more general discussion about trends, adoption, implementation and news.


At the moment Enterprise Mobility is spread under its own community, for some specific products and then there is some overlap with the Azure Active Directory and Security, Privacy & Compliance communities.  Enterprise Mobility is such a huge area for Microsoft, would having its own space not make sense?