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Spotted on Reddit this morning (3 day old thread):


I have had an influx of people complaining that when they send a message to a 365 group, they no longer get a copy of their own message. Does anyone know what is causing this and how to make it go back to

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Woohoo! Just saw this today in my personal tenant too.
It was annoying the bajingos out of me! So must've just been me they listened to. :-P

By popular request, we’ve introduced a weekly digest so that you can review Message Center communications via email. It is easy to share an email with other interested parties without granting access to the Admin Center, and important notifications from t

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Brian Levenson wrote:

The weekly digest capability is currently available to Office 365 admins who are set to First Release in tenants with more than 50 subscribed users.


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We are very aware of this e-mail digest :-)...but also waiting for the ability to include additional e-mails to send the digest...is this coming soon?

A bit of an open-ended question to start the new year and kickstart the Change Alerts space a bit - What would help you better manage change in Office 365? Where do you struggle or what would make it even smoother?


Here are a few ideas, some of which have

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This is one of the best summaries I've encountered! Thank you for kicking off the discussion, Cian, and for providing insightful feedback and requests, everyone! What you

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For me I would like to see somewhere I can subscribe to targeted updates.


That is to say I can specify our 365 / Azure subscription(s) E1, E3, K1 etc.

Then specify the pro

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What could help us better manage change?  More control over how apps are enabled.  Please don't turn apps on by default for everyone!  Let us turn them on in a manner tha

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Thanks for all the comments so far, keep them coming. I think it’s fair to say Office 365 change management is still proving a challenge for many.


Some examples for compa

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We'd love to see:


A Roadmap that is more personalized for individual tenants (almost like merge the MC and roadmap??)

Easier to control new features, so you can try them o

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The Office 365 Roadmap has moved to a new home, but the URL is not all that is changing! We are improving the experience on mobile devices and making it easier to quickly review details of roadmap items. By popular request, the items on the roadmap will a

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Thank you all very much for the feedback! It makes us better, and we are reviewing all of your comments with the web, infrastructure, and entire v-team.


We've addressed

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Will cut you some slack as I see this was launched prematurely.... but the performance is shockingly slow (to the extent that I started thinking that the page had crashed

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I'll add my tuppence, I like that the roadmap is getting more attention but I find the layout unnecessarily awkward.  The hover mechanism makes it more difficult to move

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Missing filter for Government tenants.

The popup to talk to a Specialist every time will guarantee I won't be going there in the future, regardless of the completeness of

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I'd love to see a roadmap for EM&S too - especially around ATA and Azure Information Protection.

We are making some improvements to the Office 365 Roadmap (roadmap.office.com) and wanted to share it here first!


By popular request, we are introducing unique Feature IDs to roadmap items. These will be displayed on the Office 365 Roadmap website, and

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Not sure what's happening today with the Roadmap but I keep getting a redirect to here:Roadmap-redirect.PNG

normally it goes to:



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The roadmap website has been fixed, and we are also expediting the transition to the new location. Thanks for the ongoing feedback!

We've encountered a scenario that required a change to schedule. The roadmap site migration is postponed for a few weeks, while we ensure the design is accessible to peop

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Juan Carlos Gonzalez Martin: We do intend to include the Feature ID on the roadmap as well as in the Message Center posts. It may take a little bit longer to build this i

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How about adding filters for Business, Education, and Government tenant "classes?"

What is pushed out to Business today, may be months or years coming to Education and / o

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As showcased in few sessions at Ignite, and in part with the ODFB Admin center, we now have access to the Device access section in the SPO Admin center:



More info for example here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Ignite-Content/BRK2258-Keep-your-OneDrive-and-SharePoint-content-safe/m-p/9568

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OK, here's a stupid question, why every time I insert a picture in a post, it gets double-posted?


@Maddie Egan @Anna Chu @Lana OBrien is this a known issue or something?

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Yeap...I noticed it for the first time last week!

Looks like we might be getting something new todayBusiness.PNG

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These are the famous business apps reported some months ago...where are you seeing that info?

As showcased in few sessions at Ignite, and in part with the ODFB Admin center, we now have access to the Device access section in the SPO Admin center:















More info for example here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Ignite-Content/BRK2258-Keep-your-OneDrive-and-SharePoint-content-safe/m-p/9568

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This has appeared in Outlook 2016 on the Insider Fast channel, an option to save local attachments straight to OneDrive and Office 365 Groups:
















The OneDrive for Business option doesn't seem to work but the others appear to.  A really nice addi

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And now the final stap. Safe attachment directly to a Sharepoint Libary :-)

It will be awesome if we could also choose to add SPO Team sites files as attachments in e-mails...actually is a feature being asked for some customers

One final update, this feature has now been officially launched as part of yesterday's "New to Office 365 in November—new collaboration capabilities and more" announcemen

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Quick update , this feature is now on the Current Channel and First Release for Deferred Channel 1609.  This will then be available in the next Deferred Channel as things

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This is great to see. What we really need to see is links to SharePoint sites as well!

 @Anne Michels


Is there a Release Date for public use of the Adoption Conent Pack yet? It was announced to be End of December. 

Or can I still join the preview (which clos

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Ironically there is no adoption usage data for PowerBI in this preview!

Been running this for about a month now and I love it and what it shows me.


Anybody else happen to notice that today, as we start a new month, that November just dropped

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me too got mail yesterday about it.
Yep, this was already announced at Ignite...I requested access to the preview last week and I have been accepted...waiting for next steps

My PSA for the day.....The FI team will be updating their blog post by early next week with the new expected deployment dates since their deployment had hit some bumps on the road.  It sounds like they will be re-running the new and improved conversion pr

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Thanks for the update, we are waiting for the final version.
And if we get lucky, maybe someone from the PG can post here too like we used to see in the Yammer days.

Thanks for the update @Adrian Hyde, I'll look out for the blog update and hopefully a post via the message center as well.

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Is this new? I'm seeing it across all my tenants.  The ability to change the Sent Items folder behaviour in the admin portal?

365 admin shared-mailbox Sent items behaviour (off).png


365 admin shared-mailbox Sent items behaviour (on).png


365 admin shared-mailbox Sent items behaviour Change.png

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These are new configuration options you can find in the new admin center when editing an active user in your tenant



Could you please let me know the steps you followed to reach this option?

Just got a new version of Microsoft Teams software: "You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 15/01/2017." The changelog is not updated.


1. Okay, the major update is that you can enable Skype for Business integration in

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Note that at this stage, MSTeams integration is with Skype for Business Online. There are a few good FAQs that describe the integration here - https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Frequently-asked-questions-f4644010-d5fa-4055-b42a-6a5317316e18 Read More
In my case it seems it was update on the 13rd of Jannuary...I'm on version too

Power BI content is now easily available in SharePoint Online, through an out-of-the-box web part using SharePoint Online’s new Modern Pages infrastructure. SharePoint authors can now embed Power BI reports directly in their pages with no code required.


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Microsoft is notifying Office 365 customers that access to Site Mailboxes is being removed from SharePoint Online, and no more Site Mailboxes can be created from March 2017 onward.



Office 365 Groups are the collaboration focus moving forward. The message

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Not very good for us, I'm afraid. We use team sites to store all documentation associated with our contracts (1 site per contract), each site has a mailbox to which all p

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This is great to hear.  Site mailboxes have been broken for us for years and we've had no means to remove it from the UI.