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@Anne Michels I have to say that it was worth the wait for the O365 Adoption Pack.


I am constantly working on user adoption in my company (and in my own consulting busine

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Hello, we are currently using this preview and it has been a nice addition to our reporting to upper management.  We also just wrapped up a 6 month effort in migrating ou

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 @Anne Michels


Is there a Release Date for public use of the Adoption Conent Pack yet? It was announced to be End of December. 

Or can I still join the preview (which clos

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Ironically there is no adoption usage data for PowerBI in this preview!

Been running this for about a month now and I love it and what it shows me.


Anybody else happen to notice that today, as we start a new month, that November just dropped

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Does this come (forced) to Document Libraries if we use the classic experience? We have enabled Classic Experience from Sharepoint Admin Center.

Now it's showing !

Interesting, but it seems it has not be rolled out yet to FR (at least to my tenants)

well hello there! I'm surprised there was no announcement for this.

First Look: it's a start. Needs a lot of polish - starting with the sign in (no modern sign in page, bu

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Very nice, I'm sure my team will be happy to hear!
Thanks for the heads up Juan. Very nice.

This is something I havent seen before, but considering how often I use OWA probably old news by now. Still, the Quote action seems useful, the Highlight one can benefit from better color selection. Here's a screenshot:



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I'm seeing Highlight for about one or two weeks only, however there is no Quote function is offered in my case:



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For sure @Tony Redmond can tell us if this is something new or old ^-^

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Outlook Web App has received the meeting poll feature "Find a time". For those who use FindTime, you'll recognize it. It combines the scheduling assistant with a meeting poll service, simlifying reaching a concensus for meeting times between people inside

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Ah thank you for the reminder - I totally forgot about this feature.

Interestingly, if you already have the FindTime add-in installed you end up with both it and the Find a time functionality when you create a new meeting.





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How robust is this functionality?  I've had two users (in IT) try to set up meetings for multiple attendees, and both requests have gone into a black hole, with no eviden

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I am getting this below error when I try to link my account. Any idea what is causing this ?


500 - Internal server error.

500 - Internal server error. There is a probl
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I love using FindTime in my Outlook client on the desktop, so I hope they don't take that away yet!

I would like to know if there is info on when this will be rolled out and how to activate it.

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Comment -- I do understand the concept of Minimial Viable Product (MVP), but I would argue this is TOO minimal given the existing Wunderlist base.


Question -- To Do is su

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Earlier it was not in our tenant but now it is. I turned it on and it "stuck".


When I go to the Web version it says the web version does not work with "Work or School" ac

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Hi Ruben,

Do you know which license you have? We’re aware of an issue where it’s not available for some subscribers and are working to push a fix. Thanks for bearing with ... Read More

I have an o365 Business Premium subscription.


But, unfortunately "To-Do" is not listed in "AdminCenter  > Settings > Services & Add-ins".


Has the option been removed? No

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To-Do showed up in my tenant.  Could not activate.  Now it has disappeared from my tenant.

I'm seeing a new Guest users section under the Users area that I was not aware of...is this section new? It simple shows the guest users you have at your tenant.

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I am missing the search box to search for guest users. We have many listed and scrolling to find an external user is a bit inconvenient...

I see those section too with only guest users a no action to do.

I see all users there and not only #EXT# users. Hmm



I just received the following email, describing a change coming to PowerBI on June 1st 2017



This update will provide you with enhanced data capacity and refresh rates, as well as unlimited access to all data sources. Dash

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Yes this decision leaves a bitter taste.

 It's had minimal communication and is being implemented over a short time frame. Yet it will need sizable investment to maintain

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That's not the only change which is coming, see Microsoft accelerates modern BI adoption with Power BI Premium

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Hi all,

Have you noted that guests users are appearing in the Contacts section of EXO Administration?

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Just announced though known about for some time - the Focused inbox feature via Acompli originally that became Outlook for iOS and Android's standout feature is coming to the desktop:


Focused Inbox was first released on Outlook for iOS and Android and is

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This may be the wrong forum for it, but where can I talk about the epic fail this has become for me? I go to open my hotmail account, and this box pops up telling me to l

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I did get some updates that I thought I'd share with y'all.


As we all knew, there are a lot of moving parts for this to work, and some of those parts have not moved in th

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Here is the email the user gets when their mailbox is enabled for Focused Inbox.

As I mentioned earlier, this is confusing for our users just now since the only way they c

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Wow - the rollout of this feature has turned into a real big mess.

What was originally promised to be many lessons learned from the Clutter deployment debacle has turned i

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An update from the Message Center, dated 7th January (MC81565) - 


"We'll be gradually rolling this out to First Release customers beginning the end of October, and comple

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My PSA for the day.....The FI team will be updating their blog post by early next week with the new expected deployment dates since their deployment had hit some bumps on the road.  It sounds like they will be re-running the new and improved conversion pr

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Thanks for the update, we are waiting for the final version.
And if we get lucky, maybe someone from the PG can post here too like we used to see in the Yammer days.

Thanks for the update @Adrian Hyde, I'll look out for the blog update and hopefully a post via the message center as well.

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By popular request, we’ve introduced a weekly digest so that you can review Message Center communications via email. It is easy to share an email with other interested parties without granting access to the Admin Center, and important notifications from t

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Well, after weeks of receiving one digest for my test tenant, this evening I suddenly received two. The second one has been sent to me as the backup email address of an o

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I am not receiving any weekly digest emails from my Office 365 tenant. I am a global admin, I have validated that the "Message Center Preferences" are set to "send a week

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@Brian Levenson

Why limit the service only to English-speaking tenants?

All IT people understand English.

Please remove such limitation...

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@Brian Levenson a couple more suggestions. Controlling the timing of the digest email would be useful. Before I logged in and turned it off for a bunch of accounts, I was

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Trying to work out why I am getting multiple digests for some tenants, and I realise now it's sending to the backup email address for every global admin account. So if a

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Microsoft has expanded the Office 365 Enterprise K1 plan adding several additional products enabling frontline workers to be even more productive.  Here are the additional products added to the Office 365 Enterprise K1 plan as part of this announcement:


  • M
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When will K1 users be able to access OneDrive for Business?

The business value statement "participate in live, company-wide town hall meetings" makes it appear as if the Skype Broadcast meeting is a new capability for K1, whereas

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A few updates to Office 365 Planned Service Changes for 2017, as detailed below:



  • Moved Active Directory Synchronization (DirSync) Deprecation to Archive
  • Moved SharePoint Online Public Websites are going away to Archive
  • Added Access Web App
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