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There are some upcoming improvements to the Office 365 App Launcher that just appeared on the roadmap that is worth knowing about, that are in development:


Office 365 App Gallery


"We’re introducing a new way to explore and understand all the apps in your

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Hi @Cian Allner,


We see an issue with the new app launcher. It works great in SharePoint and OneDrive but in Outlook on the Web it displays an error in the Documents sect

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Are there any specs or graphics kits to download for making custom tiles?

All my custom tiles were white because we had a dark background and in the new UI, they're all no

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I see one strange thing with this new app launcher. When I click a tile the app opens in a new tabb. When I go to the three dots on the tile I can select open in new app.

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Looks like the App Launcher (top left icon) is available to us now (tenant target release). Now for the grand finale - the new portal (which we don't have yet) :)

Looks li

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Here is an update for anyone looking out for the new Office 365 App Launcher.  As of yesterday (7th November) the new App Launcher is being deployed to first release orga

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Outlook Web App has received the meeting poll feature "Find a time". For those who use FindTime, you'll recognize it. It combines the scheduling assistant with a meeting poll service, simlifying reaching a concensus for meeting times between people inside

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Has FindTime risen from the dead?


I used to have it then it was withdrawn and my Outlook 2017 client still has the ribbon button but it gave a message about the withdra

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As many of you have seen already, it's all official now.


The FindTime add-in for Outlook is back! Thank you for your feedback. Download it here to make scheduling meeting

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How do uninstall the Findtime add in for Outlook 2016?  I cannot find it in the list of addins under the Outlook - Options - Add-Ins dialog, and also cannot find as an in

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FindTime was one of the best Add-Ins I ever used related to Outlook.  The creator experience in FindTime was great, as it updated you when FindTime's were created as well

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its changed to Poll me time to meet ( weird long sentence) not so user friendly though.

well, the point is A user came to showing above things and when he said i can't

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Hello, today we got to see "Events from Email" and what it means to our users.   This is a new feature that is "on by default" and users must individually opt-out.  


Now, you ask, how harmful can it be to have Office365 read my travel itinerary and automa

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I dont have the feature yet in my tenant, but I can see that they have added the relevant attributes to the Get-MailboxCalendarConfiguration output. So, try changing it v

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Best Response confirmed by David Margossian (Contributor)

Since when do managers of a user automatically get anything from the users mailbox?

The old Office 365 Admin Center is being retired on January 31st, this was flagged in the message center today: 


"On January 31, we will retire the classic Admin Center experience. This new experience will be the only admin center experience, beginning Ja

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Can anyone please let me know where are the following options gone?

1. Change the tenant log and its Url

2. Add Custom Tiles to the Waffle


These options were available in C

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I am unable to bulk upload user accounts with a CSV file in the new admin center that use double-quotes to delimiate a column. I need this as I am uploading user data tha

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I'm just going through exam 70346 and reviewing the testing tools available and had to come to this thread for access to the old admin center link so I could see the tool

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"Turn off directory synchronization for Office 365" is not available in the new admin experience. There are many troubleshooting scenarios where it is necessary to disabl... Read More

Has the retirement of the Old Office 365 Admin Center been delayed? As we still see the option 'Go to old admin center' in one of tenants, however don't have the option f

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Major Updates to the Office 365 services require administrator attention. They impact the way users engage with the software, and Office 365 customers need to be aware of the plans, the general timing, and have control to ensure that information is protec

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Does this also apply to CRM under O365?

Does this announcement apply to both Office365 web apps and Click-to-run software installs?

Please keep in mind that the information will only be published in English.

It is very important for me, because I have so much time that I would like to ask myself what y

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I just saw the Major Release notice in our message center.  This is absolutely awesome -- we've struggled with managing changes in Office 365 for our organization for 3+

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Thanks Brian! These enhancements are *just* as important as the major products updates. Great to see this maturity developing.

What is the feedback channel for this?  I've noticed some glaring errors in the storage report. (Units are being ignored so 178MB used out of 45TB is 395%, and the corres

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@Anne Michels I have to say that it was worth the wait for the O365 Adoption Pack.


I am constantly working on user adoption in my company (and in my own consulting busine

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Hello, we are currently using this preview and it has been a nice addition to our reporting to upper management.  We also just wrapped up a 6 month effort in migrating ou

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 @Anne Michels


Is there a Release Date for public use of the Adoption Conent Pack yet? It was announced to be End of December. 

Or can I still join the preview (which clos

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Ironically there is no adoption usage data for PowerBI in this preview!

I have lost count of the number of sources we need to track to keep up with change in Office 365 and associated cloud services. It's out of control. It would be nice to s

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You forgot Office clients! https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/Office/mt465751


Although I tease, we appreciate the feedback, which I've passed along to the change manag

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Totally agree! The best way to have it, is in a central site that could have all combined, because at the end of the day all are connected.

One can only dream... We've been having these discussion for what, 6 years now? And it has only gotten worse lately, at least when it comes to the "core" O365 services.

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Thirded and well said Dean.


You can now add Azure Active Directory release notes announced this evening as another example, covering new and changed features amongst othe

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By popular request, we’ve introduced a weekly digest so that you can review Message Center communications via email. It is easy to share an email with other interested parties without granting access to the Admin Center, and important notifications from t

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How can I completely unsubscribe the E-Mail-Digest? If I switch it off in message center, the setting is not saved - although it tells me it is saved.

@Brian Levenson Is this feature deployed to all tenants right now? As one of my customers cannot receive the weekly digest email even he set up everything corretly (First

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I left my last employer 12 months ago but despite my account being disabled in their tennant I still get these weekly digests to my personal email as it was originally li

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Well, after weeks of receiving one digest for my test tenant, this evening I suddenly received two. The second one has been sent to me as the backup email address of an o

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I am not receiving any weekly digest emails from my Office 365 tenant. I am a global admin, I have validated that the "Message Center Preferences" are set to "send a week

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This has appeared in Outlook 2016 on the Insider Fast channel, an option to save local attachments straight to OneDrive and Office 365 Groups:
















The OneDrive for Business option doesn't seem to work but the others appear to.  A really nice addi

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Looks like we are one year on from this original post and this still hasn't been released?  Any update?

I like this feature but every App uses his own folder for saving the attachments.
Outlook 2016 ProPlus (1703 Build 7967.2082): root of the users OFB
Outlook Web App (Germa

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And now the final stap. Safe attachment directly to a Sharepoint Libary :-)

It will be awesome if we could also choose to add SPO Team sites files as attachments in e-mails...actually is a feature being asked for some customers

One final update, this feature has now been officially launched as part of yesterday's "New to Office 365 in November—new collaboration capabilities and more" announcemen

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Hello eagle-eyed change observers. I'm planning to organise a meetup at Ignite this year to discuss how we keep up with change in Office 365. I mean a discussion in that we'll be sharing stories, methods that work in our environment, our change network an

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Yes, this is a great idea.


Would you please add my name: i.parry@greenwich.ac.uk

Ioana Parry

Senior Systems Admin & Change Management

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The session is live now in the MSIgnite schedule. 



Here's the related page in the Tech Community, where the content will even

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1 way to get the best use of time would be to create a mini "unconference".  Saw this work pretty well at a "ThatCamp".  Scheduling process


General process

  1. Ask 1 person to
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I am interested in this session.

Go ahead and add your topics and ideas for discussion during this session. I'll use some of them within the session.

I would like to know if there is info on when this will be rolled out and how to activate it.

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Is there an update on web (or mac client) access? We now have mobile client working, but need desktop sync/access for full utilization. Any target for resolution?

ToDo Preview activation setting found on the admin portal (Enterprise E3)!

Comment -- I do understand the concept of Minimial Viable Product (MVP), but I would argue this is TOO minimal given the existing Wunderlist base.


Question -- To Do is su

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Earlier it was not in our tenant but now it is. I turned it on and it "stuck".


When I go to the Web version it says the web version does not work with "Work or School" ac

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Hi Ruben,

Do you know which license you have? We’re aware of an issue where it’s not available for some subscribers and are working to push a fix. Thanks for bearing with ... Read More

Really pleased to see Message Center major updates has now been rolled out to all First Release organizations! Announced previously here, Introducing "Major Updates", it's now available in all FR tenants with the mass rollout beginning in November.  



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Yeap...seeing also in my tenants

Looks like we might be getting something new todayBusiness.PNG

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These are the famous business apps reported some months ago...where are you seeing that info?

The Office 365 Roadmap has moved to a new home, but the URL is not all that is changing! We are improving the experience on mobile devices and making it easier to quickly review details of roadmap items. By popular request, the items on the roadmap will a

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Any updates on when we can expect to see GCC filters on the Public-facing Roadmap tool?

I am an office 365 government user. It would be nice if I could see when features are coming to government accounts since we are always behind the other commercial custom

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To add a counterpoint, keeping the Office 365 roadmap in mind, the new Azure Roadmap portal experience has gone live recently.  A few things I noticed: 


  • All items are dat
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Is it by design or is it just me, but the Office 365 Roadmap is just slow with IE11. Currently it is unusable with IE11 - why is that?


Selecting ,

Hide features updated over a month ago

Hide features added over a month ago


The number of updates zeroes out.

This makes it impossible to keep on top of update

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Hopefully a very temporary situation but just to highlight that iPhone and iPads with iOS11 when using the native email app with Office 365 or Exchange Server 2016 (running on Windows Server 2016), won't be able to send or reply to emails.


Known Issue Email access in iOS 11.png


"In the native

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Just to confirm, this issue has now been fixed with the iOS 11.0.1 update that was released today.

found this later on in the day:


sounds like MS haven't got round to patching all their servers yet, hence pot luck

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@Emy Loanzon and @Teg Badhan - Thanks for the reports, as has been mentioned in other posts, Apple has confirmed the issue as well and said a fix will be in a forthcoming

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I upgraded this morning, and had no issues at all... same for at least one other person who upgraded yesterday when iOS 11 came out.

Went to Yammer today, and got notified about a Yammer app for Windows being avaialable.


Other then a mention on this site in Feb about it coming, i cant find any info or announcements about it from MS.

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A quick update, the Yammer for Windows and Mac desktop app is being released for all users on the 18th September.  This is confirmed in accordingly in a Message center post

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Just today, the announcement showed up in my admin center...


Office Admin center - Home

We've begun testing the new Yammer Desktop app with a small batch of users, but we'
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Well spotted, any chance you could include a screenshot of the message if that's possible and does it have a link to anywhere?  The full desktop app hasn't been launched

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This is something I havent seen before, but considering how often I use OWA probably old news by now. Still, the Quote action seems useful, the Highlight one can benefit from better color selection. Here's a screenshot:



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Do you know if there a way to turn this feature off?  Since it showed up I am no longer able to copy text from emails since the popup steals the focus.


Common use case: s

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I'm seeing Highlight for about one or two weeks only, however there is no Quote function is offered in my case:



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For sure @Tony Redmond can tell us if this is something new or old ^-^

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A message came through the message center 8/21 related to changes in the Microsoft Trust Center.  The message mentions, "As a commitent to transparency, anytimm we add new vendors/subcontractors, we disclose the this information in the Microsoft Trust Cen

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Hi Erin,


The Trust Center notification came through in the Message Center weekly email digest I received.  If your tenant is set to First Release, you can enable this i

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My Message Center email digest script will pick up all MC notifications for you. If you're only interested in "Microsoft Trust Center" changes you could just modify the s

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Best Response confirmed by Paul Cunningham (MVP)

You will have to cook up some custom solution with the Service Communications API: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/office-365/office-365-service-communications-api-reference

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so, I fired up my usual groups document library and was greeted with neon green pinned folders and other neon green UI elements (hyperlinks have the same color). I was like "dear god whats going on" and hit F5 for refresh, but nada, still neon green. Unfo

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I created a new logo for my group, plain color background (the color i wanted the group to be) uploaded it and it changed my support group from hot pink to a more conserv

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I'm now seeing the highlight colour in the Groups files matching the colour used in the Groups Conversations header, but it's really subtle, nothing to be really bothered... Read More
Or just open an InPrivate session in your favourite browser

Hi Ivan,


just checked mine but do not see the green neon. Only the new functions button is neon green.

Would try to clean cache to check if there is a difference.





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Enabled by default in my E3 Tenant on First Release, not seeing an App Launcher tile, though browsing to forms.office.com allowed me in.


I'm guess this kind of sits between Excel Surveys in OneDrive and PowerApps



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You can also create them right from Onedrive / Sharepoint sites:



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Microsoft is notifying Office 365 customers that access to Site Mailboxes is being removed from SharePoint Online, and no more Site Mailboxes can be created from March 2017 onward.



Office 365 Groups are the collaboration focus moving forward. The message

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Site mailboxes had one important feature, that Groups don't: They allowed you to drag-n-drop emails to the SharePoint Document Library from within Outlook 2016.


This was

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Not very good for us, I'm afraid. We use team sites to store all documentation associated with our contracts (1 site per contract), each site has a mailbox to which all p

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This is great to hear.  Site mailboxes have been broken for us for years and we've had no means to remove it from the UI.

Announced today, GigJam is being retired. It's not service I got to use but GigJam could be enabled from the Office 365 admin center.




"After careful consideration, we’ve decided to retire the GigJam Preview on September 22, 2017. GigJam introduced a new

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I guess when Micorsoft says Outlook.com they use that as an umbrella for both public and business versions. 


I like it, though no support for Tenant themes currently.



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This is still not on our tenants even if all are on First Release but I'm hoping one of these days we can have Beta version as well.

I also reviewed it.
However, it does not mean that Outlook.com applies only to the Public version.

Seeing this too. Like others totally assumed this was the consumer product. Very poor comms here from Microsoft.
And with that dirty big search bar in the Top Bar I don't think it will ever support the Tenant theme, other than colours maybe

@Dylan Snodgrass posted about it here, thought it still didn't sound like it applied to O365, other than it being tagged with "Outlook on the web"



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I just received the following email, describing a change coming to PowerBI on June 1st 2017



This update will provide you with enhanced data capacity and refresh rates, as well as unlimited access to all data sources. Dash

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I think people can still go back to SharePoint Server 2016-Enterprise and some of these features.  There are quite a few hosting providers who provide Hosted SharePoint S

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Yes this decision leaves a bitter taste.

 It's had minimal communication and is being implemented over a short time frame. Yet it will need sizable investment to maintain

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That's not the only change which is coming, see Microsoft accelerates modern BI adoption with Power BI Premium

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Does this come (forced) to Document Libraries if we use the classic experience? We have enabled Classic Experience from Sharepoint Admin Center.

Now it's showing !

Interesting, but it seems it has not be rolled out yet to FR (at least to my tenants)