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Just noticed Microsoft Forms has appeared on the Apps Launcher, I'm an Enterprise tenant. I had access via URL but useful to find it's proper home. Whether I have a need / use for it is entirely a different question;-)
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As for us it's in admin center in licenses and in settings (Services & add-ins), everything is On by default. But not in launcher; forms.office.com says it's not deployed

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It has been already there for some days and there are some discussions about this in the Tech Community ;-)....there is also a message in the Messages Center notifyi... Read More

The old Office 365 Admin Center is being retired on January 31st, this was flagged in the message center today: 


"On January 31, we will retire the classic Admin Center experience. This new experience will be the only admin center experience, beginning Ja

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I'm just going through exam 70346 and reviewing the testing tools available and had to come to this thread for access to the old admin center link so I could see the tool

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"Turn off directory synchronization for Office 365" is not available in the new admin experience. There are many troubleshooting scenarios where it is necessary to disabl... Read More

Has the retirement of the Old Office 365 Admin Center been delayed? As we still see the option 'Go to old admin center' in one of tenants, however don't have the option f

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Sure some of us we will miss the old admin center since there are some options there that are not in the new one

With the news Microsoft Stream is now GA, I thought this was worth a post in Change Alerts! Here are details on how Office 365 Video will transition to Microsoft Stream.


Some key details (subject to change) -


The transition from Office 365 Video to Micros

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@Cian Allner thanks for the updated news all the time..

Great summary Cian!

In case you were not aware, we can now increase the number of free licenses we get with the MSDN dev O365 subscription to 25. You simply need to go to the Admin portal, select the MSDN subscription, press Add\Remove licenses and change the number to 25. T

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This is a description of what I did, it may work for you.  If you get charged then it's your own fault.  Make sure if you do any of this you go and investigate your charg

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Any update to give this to Office 365 Enterprise E3 Developer subscriptions?

this is a great anouncement, we can now test some POC's more easily instead of just using 1 account

Could you please elaborate on what exactly this means to who?


For instance, I purchased a Dev tenant recently because my free one-year tenant had expired. I also have an

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But not O365 dev program tenants it seems.

so, I fired up my usual groups document library and was greeted with neon green pinned folders and other neon green UI elements (hyperlinks have the same color). I was like "dear god whats going on" and hit F5 for refresh, but nada, still neon green. Unfo

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I'm now seeing the highlight colour in the Groups files matching the colour used in the Groups Conversations header, but it's really subtle, nothing to be really bothered... Read More
Or just open an InPrivate session in your favourite browser

Hi Ivan,


just checked mine but do not see the green neon. Only the new functions button is neon green.

Would try to clean cache to check if there is a difference.





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Enabled by default in my E3 Tenant on First Release, not seeing an App Launcher tile, though browsing to forms.office.com allowed me in.


I'm guess this kind of sits between Excel Surveys in OneDrive and PowerApps



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You can also create them right from Onedrive / Sharepoint sites:



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I would like to know if there is info on when this will be rolled out and how to activate it.

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Comment -- I do understand the concept of Minimial Viable Product (MVP), but I would argue this is TOO minimal given the existing Wunderlist base.


Question -- To Do is su

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Earlier it was not in our tenant but now it is. I turned it on and it "stuck".


When I go to the Web version it says the web version does not work with "Work or School" ac

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Hi Ruben,

Do you know which license you have? We’re aware of an issue where it’s not available for some subscribers and are working to push a fix. Thanks for bearing with ... Read More

I have an o365 Business Premium subscription.


But, unfortunately "To-Do" is not listed in "AdminCenter  > Settings > Services & Add-ins".


Has the option been removed? No

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To-Do showed up in my tenant.  Could not activate.  Now it has disappeared from my tenant.

By popular request, we’ve introduced a weekly digest so that you can review Message Center communications via email. It is easy to share an email with other interested parties without granting access to the Admin Center, and important notifications from t

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Well, after weeks of receiving one digest for my test tenant, this evening I suddenly received two. The second one has been sent to me as the backup email address of an o

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I am not receiving any weekly digest emails from my Office 365 tenant. I am a global admin, I have validated that the "Message Center Preferences" are set to "send a week

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@Brian Levenson

Why limit the service only to English-speaking tenants?

All IT people understand English.

Please remove such limitation...

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@Brian Levenson a couple more suggestions. Controlling the timing of the digest email would be useful. Before I logged in and turned it off for a bunch of accounts, I was

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Trying to work out why I am getting multiple digests for some tenants, and I realise now it's sending to the backup email address for every global admin account. So if a

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I just spotted the new switch on the SharePoint settings page (admin center) to block users from creating new Access apps.  I don't visit this page too often and I didn't see a note in the message center announcing this.




@Chris McNulty@Michal Bar - a n

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Hi Kelly,

We shared information about this switch in the original AWA message on the message center, and stated that rollout of the new admin switch will be completed by

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I just received the following email, describing a change coming to PowerBI on June 1st 2017



This update will provide you with enhanced data capacity and refresh rates, as well as unlimited access to all data sources. Dash

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I think people can still go back to SharePoint Server 2016-Enterprise and some of these features.  There are quite a few hosting providers who provide Hosted SharePoint S

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Yes this decision leaves a bitter taste.

 It's had minimal communication and is being implemented over a short time frame. Yet it will need sizable investment to maintain

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That's not the only change which is coming, see Microsoft accelerates modern BI adoption with Power BI Premium

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Available as of 5 minutes ago:


  • The Office 365 Roadmap website (roadmap.office.com) now allows an export to Excel for download.
  • Each item also includes "First Added" and "Last Modified" dates.


With a simple download and filter, you can easily determi

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Love the timestamp additions, what I would love even more is if all items had "additional information" links :)

Great news Brian, the export to Excel will be great !

Error Message.PNG



Hi Brian, 


Noticed this dialog box. Opens if you click Yes. Worth checking out

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Outlook Web App has received the meeting poll feature "Find a time". For those who use FindTime, you'll recognize it. It combines the scheduling assistant with a meeting poll service, simlifying reaching a concensus for meeting times between people inside

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Ah thank you for the reminder - I totally forgot about this feature.

Interestingly, if you already have the FindTime add-in installed you end up with both it and the Find a time functionality when you create a new meeting.





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How robust is this functionality?  I've had two users (in IT) try to set up meetings for multiple attendees, and both requests have gone into a black hole, with no eviden

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I am getting this below error when I try to link my account. Any idea what is causing this ?


500 - Internal server error.

500 - Internal server error. There is a probl
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I love using FindTime in my Outlook client on the desktop, so I hope they don't take that away yet!

The Office 365 Roadmap has moved to a new home, but the URL is not all that is changing! We are improving the experience on mobile devices and making it easier to quickly review details of roadmap items. By popular request, the items on the roadmap will a

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To add a counterpoint, keeping the Office 365 roadmap in mind, the new Azure Roadmap portal experience has gone live recently.  A few things I noticed: 


  • All items are dat
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Is it by design or is it just me, but the Office 365 Roadmap is just slow with IE11. Currently it is unusable with IE11 - why is that?


Selecting ,

Hide features updated over a month ago

Hide features added over a month ago


The number of updates zeroes out.

This makes it impossible to keep on top of update

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Thank you all very much for the feedback! It makes us better, and we are reviewing all of your comments with the web, infrastructure, and entire v-team.


We've addressed

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Will cut you some slack as I see this was launched prematurely.... but the performance is shockingly slow (to the extent that I started thinking that the page had crashed

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