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By popular request, we’ve introduced a weekly digest so that you can review Message Center communications via email. It is easy to share an email with other interested parties without granting access to the Admin Center, and important notifications from t

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Trying to work out why I am getting multiple digests for some tenants, and I realise now it's sending to the backup email address for every global admin account. So if a

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Hi everyone, we absolutely intend to make this capability available to tenants of all sizes and not just First Release. The feature team is working on making this possibl

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Brian Levenson wrote:

The weekly digest capability is currently available to Office 365 admins who are set to First Release in tenants with more than 50 subscribed users.


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We are very aware of this e-mail digest :-)...but also waiting for the ability to include additional e-mails to send the digest...is this coming soon?

One of my customers asked yesterday an interesting question: Is there any document / place where I can stay up to date in regards of Office 365 but from a business point of view? Obviously, the Office 365 Roadamp is not what my customer is looking for..he

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I think if the user just wants a time to time update on what's happened and what's ahead, I'd recommend the Weekly Roundup on this community. It's shared each Friday and

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The most authentic and updated resource is the Message Center which can be accessed through Office 365 Admin Center. It has all the features that are yet to be released i

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I think you've all hit on the topics I would have mentioned (except politics, good job working that in), and here's how I think about them:

Office Blog (blogs.office.com)

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I miss the good old O365 community wiki that had a nice list. But I dont see anyone mentioning the blog @Thomas C. Finney is keeping on the subject: https://aka.ms/o365-planned-service-changes-2017

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Have you seen https://docs.com/jim-naroski/6956/office-365-update-series, these are 10-15 minute long videos along with  a text transcription file that can be used for cu

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The old Office 365 Admin Center is being retired on January 31st, this was flagged in the message center today: 


"On January 31, we will retire the classic Admin Center experience. This new experience will be the only admin center experience, beginning Ja

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Has the retirement of the Old Office 365 Admin Center been delayed? As we still see the option 'Go to old admin center' in one of tenants, however don't have the option f

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Sure some of us we will miss the old admin center since there are some options there that are not in the new one

 @Anne Michels


Is there a Release Date for public use of the Adoption Conent Pack yet? It was announced to be End of December. 

Or can I still join the preview (which clos

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Ironically there is no adoption usage data for PowerBI in this preview!

Been running this for about a month now and I love it and what it shows me.


Anybody else happen to notice that today, as we start a new month, that November just dropped

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me too got mail yesterday about it.
Yep, this was already announced at Ignite...I requested access to the preview last week and I have been accepted...waiting for next steps

Our IT Pro research tells us that change management skills are one of the top skills gap on their teams.  We took a deep dive into the change management resources available, as well as the latest models available across MIcrosoft and other third party sou

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We are making some improvements to the Office 365 Roadmap (roadmap.office.com) and wanted to share it here first!


By popular request, we are introducing unique Feature IDs to roadmap items. These will be displayed on the Office 365 Roadmap website, and

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Not sure what's happening today with the Roadmap but I keep getting a redirect to here:Roadmap-redirect.PNG

normally it goes to:



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The roadmap website has been fixed, and we are also expediting the transition to the new location. Thanks for the ongoing feedback!

We've encountered a scenario that required a change to schedule. The roadmap site migration is postponed for a few weeks, while we ensure the design is accessible to peop

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Juan Carlos Gonzalez Martin: We do intend to include the Feature ID on the roadmap as well as in the Message Center posts. It may take a little bit longer to build this i

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How about adding filters for Business, Education, and Government tenant "classes?"

What is pushed out to Business today, may be months or years coming to Education and / o

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Has anyone in this group heard that Blogs are moved out of Delve, and maybe into the Video portal? For our folks that have never written a blog, the link is missing in Delve. If you have a blog entry then it is still there.



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I'm seeing the same...in my corporate tenant where I have never write a blog post in Delve, I'm not seeing any link to write a post @Mark Kashman FYI

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The CSOM API for SPO has been updated https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj193041.aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396


I saw a tweet from @Vesa Juvonen about this, @Brian Levenson it would be helfpul if this type of information was sent to the O365 Mess

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I think I agree with both of you :)


This information isn't relevant for a majority of Office 365 admins, and for those who care, this is an important communication. Hav

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Hi Dean, 

I would not consider this to be tenant admin information in first place, since this is basically MSDN API reference documentation. We make updates on the SPFx a

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Hello Change Alerts folks! We're seeking to improve based on your feedback, suggestions, and ideas. You've provided a lot of constructive criticism, as well as support and encouragement, in the Change Alerts community.


On Friday, I wrote a blog about ho

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As has been said elsewhere, all efforts are hugely appreciated and it's come a long way!  Not to knock you down but the Focused Inbox for me is the current benchmark.  Th

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@Juan Carlos González Martín and @Cary Siemers, we don't want to leave out anyone! We should be transparent about where services are available and where they aren't. That

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What a relief that there is actual mention that it doesn't apply to Government and Education!

In the past that was rarely, if ever, pointed out in announcements of this ki

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The below was just published in our message center.  How did we go from a vaguely worded blog post from two years ago ("We realize that our customers have made investments in coded sandboxed solutions and we will phase them out responsibly.") to ("In appr

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Thank you Kelly Jones for pushing for an answer  and posting your findings.  This is exteremely disruptive change and MS should realise how much time and efforts it takes

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This is Adam from the SharePoint engineering team.  Thank you all for sharing your stories and comments; it has a real impact as we work with customers to move to a model

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The Office Dev PnP group has just posted a PS script to identify sandbox solutions...


Generate list of sandbox solutions from SPO tenant


Thanks @VesaJuvonen and the rest

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I too am impacted, having many Sandbox Solutions with Code sold to clients over the years and recently that are heavily used. This isn't just going to affect my profits f... Read More

I also think that ISV's should get the chance to migrate the sandboxed solutions to the forthcoming SharePoint Framework (keeping the Sandbox alive until then) instead of

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would be interesting to see how backup and restore works behind the scenes for 25TB databases
still nothing in our first release tenant :( I'm eagerly awaiting the new publishing features!

The increase of site collection limits from 1 TB to 25 TB is neat, though we have more problems with list view limits more than anything.

Oh. Available next week to First Release tenants. But still, I know what I'll be doing next week... exploring the new SharePoint page features and Group integration.

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In case you were not aware, we can now increase the number of free licenses we get with the MSDN dev O365 subscription to 25. You simply need to go to the Admin portal, select the MSDN subscription, press Add\Remove licenses and change the number to 25. T

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this is a great anouncement, we can now test some POC's more easily instead of just using 1 account

Could you please elaborate on what exactly this means to who?


For instance, I purchased a Dev tenant recently because my free one-year tenant had expired. I also have an

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But not O365 dev program tenants it seems.

Great addition!!!!


We had a great time at Ignite last week!  There were tons of great sessions, and most of them are available on-demand.  I just wanted to share three that relate to Office 365, change management, and release communications.


Feedback, questions, and com

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thanks for Sharing

wonder with so many announcements, how one can keep up...
Would be nice if they also provide them to EnterPrise subscriptions.

Several updates to Office 365 Planned Service Changes for 2017, as detailed below:



  • Moved Office 365 ProPlus 2013 Availability & Supportability to Archive
  • Moved Removal of Site Mailboxes in SharePoint Online to Archive
  • Added Change to unused
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Always great updates, and thanks to create a unique place with all !

Missed this resource. That's great you started and support it, thank you!