Using Teams in a float pool at a hospital is not efficient

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The ability to post a document in the Posts is driving me crazy. When this happens, the file is just placed in the file list which can make it incredibly difficult to locate something later because it's not in a folder. And if we post this same document to multiple channels, it's only put in the one file list which can make it incredibly difficult to locate something later because it's in a completely separate channel. We then have two options: 1) go back and put the documents in a file folder so it can be found later or 2) upload the document to all the multiple channels in that Team which then causes multiple docs which is BAD. We can create multiple Teams instead of the multiple channels but again, this would create multiple documents of the same type which again, is bad. Suggestion, I'm in healthcare. I'm not clinical but work directly with nurses. Nurses are not technical. They do not have time to learn everything there is about Teams and SharePoint and Word and Excel. They do not have time to constantly search for documents. I may name a document the actual title but the nurses may call it something different which means the search function is pointless. SUGGESTION: take away the ability to upload documents directly to posts which forces links. Integrate SharePoint document libraries so that ONE Team with multiple channels can share the same doc library without having to go to the Files AND SharePoint tab at the top. I would encourage MS to look at ALL their customer types/industries and learn a little more how their end users use their products. Healthcare is it's own beast. I have honestly never worked anywhere like it. MS Teams would work perfect in an industry like construction. Healthcare is different. My end users go to multiple units so we have info for Med-Surge, ICU, ER, PICU, NICU. Each area requires different education and different docs and different info. We have some nurses that can go to both Med-Surge and ICU. Our Team was created as one Team with the different specialties as the channels. I really, truly encourage MS to research how Teams can be better and more efficiently used in the healthcare (hospital) industry. Especially the float pools where nurses go to multiple facilities and units. Teams is turning into a bit of a nightmare on the education and administrative end.

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i would love to but the link doesn't work and i can't get to to try and look for a teams or feedback forum.
@kstone7_iuh - Its working at our end. Could you please try once again?

@Nivedipa-MSFT  I just tried again per your suggestion and it worked. Not sure what the issue was. Thank you!

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