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I hope i picked the correct forum, otherwise please redirect me.


The problem I have is that i'm currently creating a bot using the bot framework v4 to be used in MS Teams. This works pretty well, except when I want to upload pictures.


If I install my bot in a personal chat everything works as it should. I can go through the steps of my bot and upload an image or select a gipht image and the image url/data will be passed along to my code so that I can do something with it.


When I install he bot in a teams channel, the itself and the replies work as expected and as an image attachment I can select a giphy image and it will pass through to my code. But if I want to upload my own images or ie select one from onedrive/sharepoint it doesn't get passed along to my code.


I hope I explained it enough and someone can help me out. If you need more info, please let me know.


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@rexdekoning - Send and receive files through your bot works only in the personal context. It does not work in the channel or groupchat context.



Note: Copy pasted image in inline message still works. 

@Wajeed-MSFT Thank you very much... I was afraid this was the case, but had still a bit of hope that there was a way around this ( besides the copy/paste )