Teams Call API like TAPI for Call Events

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Hey everyone


In last time I had searched long Time for a possibility to become a Event on every starting Call and every Stopped/transferd call on live Time but I didn't find anything.

Do anyone of you know a Solution that works like TAPI for the Phone, because I have to embed our old Ticketing/Phone Lookup System with Teams Phone Call.


Thanks in Regard


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Do you want to create an event every time a call starts? Could you please share more details on what you want to achieve?

Sharing this for your reference -
Hey Meghana

No, I dont want to make an event in Outlook but I want to have a trigger on every Call, that triggers a function in my Visual Studio Project. Because I have to open a window with the Call data.
Thanks in Regard

Please go through subscription resource type.  You can subscribe to callRecord and it will send you notifications after a call or meeting in Microsoft Teams.





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Hey Meghana
Thanks for the Help.

But subscriptions arent a Opinion for me, because I need the Call Data instant.

Do you have any other Solution?

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