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Hello all!


I'm working on a project at my company to create a tool for determining host performance and client satisfaction thru Teams calls/meetings video analysis


We are using a provider that requires access to the WebCam stream and a browser to run their JS script that gives us the analysis output


To have the best user experience possible, I'm trying to come up with a solution that integrates with Teams


From what I've found in the documentation, there are two ways of achieving this


1.) Create an App that runs in the background and listens for Notifications, when a meeting starts it launches a Browser window that loads the JS, and the analysis is done in this window. When the meeting ends, the app calls a webhook and the window sends the data to the server and closes. But this only would work for the host, requires the him to authorize camera access and keep the window open each time.


2.) Create a Bot App that joins the meetings, gets the video stream from both ends, runs the JS script in a browser, and sends the data to the server. But this requires a VM for each call, and as we have more than 400 calls per hour, this would be too expensive.


My questions are two:


First, Is the solution 1 possible with the current API?


Second, would it be possible to create a Bot to run on the host Teams App that could access host and client video stream, and run the JS script without the browser?


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@lucasaabueno - 
Yes, solution 1 seems to be possible with the current API. You can create an app that runs in the background and listens for notifications. When a meeting starts, it can launch a browser window that loads the JavaScript script for analysis. The app can then call a webhook when the meeting ends to send the data to the server. However, it's important to note that this solution would only work for the host and would require the host to authorize camera access and keep the window open during the meeting.
Secondly, it is not possible for a bot to directly access the video stream from the host and client without using a browser. Bots in Teams are primarily text-based conversational interfaces and do not have direct access to video streams. To access the video stream, you would need to use a browser or a media platform like the Real-time Media Platform mentioned in the context.




Prasad Das


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