Teams app as a client to a websocket api(which available only from intranet i.e users machine)

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Hi All,


I'm new to teams and I'm trying to build a plugin/extension in teams as PoC. which will interact to Websocket API to get and post with basic json objects.

As per documentation I read, if I want to integrate an app it should have active web service to interact with the client app in the teams and it should be accessible over the internet. 
My Websocket purely run on intranet. Could you please help with some guidelines here.


Thanks in Advance.



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@_Sisa , Currently this is not supported in Teams having web socket and interacting over intranet. You can host your solution over ngrok, Give a try for ngrok https web URL.

@Trinetra-MSFT Note that this is something that all of the competitors support. Mattermost, Slack, WebEx all have this capability. (note, this is the first result if you search for MS Teams Websocket).