Teams API/SDK for call health information

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I'm a student of Electrical and Computers engineering of ben gurion university.

I do research on microsoft teams Confrence Video Quality and i need an API/SDK for python that can get the call health informaions of video such as "sent resolution" and "sent frame rate" because the teams only updates every 15 seconds its hard to get data that is relevent so im trying to find a better way to get the data.

thank you.

ran minay,

BSc ECE student of BGU

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@rm213 - We are checking this with engineering team. We will update you soon.
Hey is there anything new about it?
@rm213 - Apologies for the delay. We are still checking with the engineering team. We will let you know once we got any update from them.

@rm213 - We got an update from engineering team saying that currently there is not any API/SDK method available to get the call health information of video such as "sent resolution" and "sent frame rate".
Could you please raise a feature request here: Microsoft Teams Community