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Hey all


I have a form in my teams app. Information entered into the form should be sent to a user in Teams.

What would be the best way to do this? I've looked into bots and the graph api but I'm not sure which solution fits best?



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@JulianTrei - Could you please share following details:
1. Where are you filling the form ? in tab or bot ?
2. Where you have to send the information ? in one-one chat or another user ?

I have a html form in a tab and want to send the information to one-on-one chat.
Right now I have to create a channel for each person who could be a recipient, create an incoming webhook for each channel and save the webhook url to our CMS. This was only I hotfix I implemented a week ago but since the number of potential recipients is growing I need to find a solution to handle this.
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first you can use people picker to get aad id of member to send

Integrate People Picker - Teams | Microsoft Docs

and use graph api to creat chat and send message with that member

Create chat - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs





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Thanks a lot. This will help focus my attention on the solution without getting distracted by the bot framework solution!