Problem with Bot Framework

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I have created a simple bot. And it's 100% working on the emulator. (I have tested it) But when I have created it on real-teams via and via manually uploading manifest created in App Studio. Then I set up server on But always I got this error:



PermissionError: [Errno Unauthorized. Invalid AppId passed on token: ] [*]



* - ID of App created in App Registrations

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@norxnd - Do your bot has authentication? Could you please share more info what you are trying?

@Nikitha-MSFTWell I'm trying to make a Teams chatbot that will react to messages and do some actions and I just do not know what to do. I'm probably doing everything wrong because I don't understand any of this API / Framework at all. I do not have an Azure subscription.


Hare is my test code:


And I do not know If it has auth. I do not know anything

@norxnd - Could you please check the docs try if that helps here. Try if that helps

@Nikitha-MSFTI have checked the docs first. I said, bot works in emulator. But thanks for help. 

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Ok. I solved the problem for myself! That was very easy and it was a problem with my code. I needed to add AppID and Password from App Studio to my Adapter class.

Looks like a similar framework can be leveraged from cloud API. I had a similar issue with developing a sentiment analysis bot and had to reach out to several chatbot development services, thanks to them I got an understanding of integrating chatbot framework into existing AI. Turns out it was a simple code error. This is similar in your case, there are several sections where I noticed a few errors, but since your framework is entirely different I don't know the correct code for it. Hope you go through the code once again. cheers!!