Problem when trying to join a meeting created using the MS Graph API via desktop application

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We have an application that creates meetings using the MS Graph API with the onlineMeeting method. We have been using this method for over 5 months and a short time ago we noticed a bug.


When trying to join one of these meetings through the desktop application (with deep link) the screen stopped in "connecting" and the users are unable to access the meeting. However, when trying to access the same meeting through the link on the web (browser) you normally access it.


Below are examples of the API we consume:

API onlineMeeting
Content-Type: application/json
  "subject":"Teste Meeting",
  "participants": {
      "organizer": {
        "identity": {
          "user": {
            "id": "oid of user teams",
And here's how we use it on sdk @Pernille-Eskebo/teams-js:
microsoftTeams.getContext((context => {
    if (context.hostClientType === "web") {, "_blank")
    const joinUrl = encodeURI(joinUrl);
Is anyone having the same problem or can they help us with solutions to work around it?
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@Developers_Invillia ,


I am not able to reproduce it. Can you please share which version of Teams client sdk are you using?

Just to confirm from the below snippet, You are facing when below code snippet executes right ?
const joinUrl = encodeURI(joinUrl);

@subhasish-MSFT Hello, we are using version 1.6.0.

Exactly, the error to connect to a meeting happens only through deeplink. From a meeting created by the MS Graph API onlineMeetings.

@Developers_Invillia , 


I am able to reproduce it, For quick fix I tried using with out encoding the URL.

Try calling like this.



It did work for me. Please let me know if it helps.