Organization Members Disappearing When Scrolling. Hard to Add to Team Channel

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We're using Teams for Free for our organization. I'm the owner.  When I go to "Manage Org" I can see all the members of the organization are visible, but if I scroll down, they disappear. (See image 1)

I have tried the "search people" option to look for members, but nothing happens.

I am also finding it hard to add certain members to Team channels. The member is listed as a member of the organization, but when I go to add that member to the team, the search can't find it. 

I called Support, but, since it's "Free" the CSR was limited in what he could do.

Should I post the service number?







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Sure— but the CSR I spoke with told me to post it here.
I already have a number. The CSR who told me to post it here gave me a case number before we even started working on the problem.
I just didn’t know if that was something one should share on these forums.
Actually, it looks like that’s not an avenue for me. This is Teams for Free, and as such, we don’t have access to Business.