MS Teams Mobile App issue - Receives non Admin in Mobile and Admin in Desktops App (MS Teams SDK)

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I am facing issue in Mobile App. I am ussing MS Team Javascript SDK. I am using property called "context.userTeamRole".  If I use this property in Windows desktop or Web version, I receives User is Team admin or not. but while accessing same page in mobile, I always receives user as non Team admin. 

In conclusion :  MS Team JavaScript SDK treat all user as non adming in case of mobile and defined user role in case of Desktop or web application.


Ref link -


var teamAdmin = context.userTeamRole;


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@NadirRiyani Thanks for reporting this. We could repro it. I have raised a bug for this and we are looking into this.

@Gousia_Begum : Thanks for your quick response.  Do you know ETA to resolve this issue?  We are planning to develop one feature and stuck with this so curious to know ETA for resolution.

@NadirRiyani We have raised a bug which is being worked on. But we do not have an ETA to share with you.