MS Teams and Azure Logic App connector

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is there a way to send a message from Azure Logic Apps MS Team connector to a chat, because to a Team -> channel there is no problem but couldn't find a way to do it for a chat.

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@Tomasz Wiśniewski Connectors are mainly designed on Teams scope and cannot be configured on a 1:1 basis. It is not possible to send a message from a connector to a personal chat.

@Tomasz Wiśniewski I've managed to do this from a console app before in C#, based on this


So that means you should be able to do it from an Azure Function or similar (I've done this to a 1-1 and a Channel, but haven't tested a group chat)

@Hilton Giesenow group chat doesn't work

@Tomasz Wiśniewski Challenge Accepted ! I've just tested from an Azure Function (C#), and it works fine to a group chat. Note I said Azure "Function" though, not Logic App - what I meant initially, to say it more explicitly, is that you'd need to have an Azure Logic App call your own custom Azure Function.

@Hilton Giesenow But that I don't want :) I was talking SPECIFIC about the LA MS Teams Connector

@Tomasz Wiśniewski ah, ok. I was just suggesting a possible alternative. Hope you find a solution