Microsoft Teams Silent SSO in Tab with a webpage

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Hi there,


We have implemented a webpage in a custom tab in Teams. The web page is redirected to the adfs to login into the page. We want to know if there is any way to use silent authentication is this scenario. Will it works?


Web page(implemented in a iframe in the custom tab): ---> its redirected to the adfs login page 

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@Bryan Segura Duche 

We are currently working on third-party SSO for Teams tabs. We are hoping to begin an Internal Developer Preview in 2019-Q4, then have it in Developer Preview by the end of the year, and release it publicly around 2020-Q1. However, these dates have not been publicly announced yet. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Hi @Gousia_Begum ,


Thought the third-party SSO for Teams tabs was implemented already. Thank you so much for the info.

We are really looking forward for this coming change.


Wish you a lovely day!

Hello @Gousia_Begum,


Do you have any update about when the developer preview will release?


Thanks in advance!