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Hi !
I'm trying to develop a use case in Microsoft teams using Power Automate .
In that I want to copy the message and save it to Google Drive when Keywords are found.

Is it possible to do ?

Please Help me , if anyone has an idea

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Please follow below doc which explains  how to Filter and copy data with Power Automate
It involves steps:

  1. Identify the source you'll monitor and the destination to which you'll copy changed data. Confirm you've access to both.
  2. Identify at least one column that uniquely identifies items in the source and destination. 
  3. Set up a trigger that monitors the source for changes.
  4. Search the destination to determine if the changed item exists.
  5. Use a Condition like this:
    • If the new or changed item doesn't exist in the destination, create it.
    • If the new or changed item exists in the destination, update it.
  6. Trigger your flow, and then confirm that new or changed items are being copied from the source to the destination.


Prasad Das


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