Microsoft teams authentication

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I want to make specific users form different tenants able to access my bot how to do that ?
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Hi @ShereenFathy Please go through this documentation it will help you.

let's specify what i want to do, I have a bot that use QnA maker service to answer
user questions. the data stored in the QnA are private data and we need specific users that could
chat with our bot and see the data stored in the QnA so i found that we can use identity provider to add authentication layer to the bot .
and after reading the document you sent. can i add the users that i want the bot be accessible by them under the security group of the identity provider application ?

@ShereenFathy Under user selector you need to select multiple users or security groups to whom you want give access. 

I tried it but it add restrictions to users to access the app on azure portal but I need to add restrictions to the users that access the bot on microsoft teams

@ShereenFathy Please go through this documentation.