Is there any way to show iframe content in ms teams chat?

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I have been trying to send iframe as a response from bot framework, my usecase is to display dynamic charts which are generated from portal.

I'm able to send iframe but the bot message body is empty instead of iframe content.

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Hi @kiranbudati,

Although it's not 100% standard use of them, you can use a Task Module for this. There are various ways to launch them, and one way is via a button in an Adaptive Card. It's a bit of work learning each of these topics, if you haven't used them before, but it's certainly possible to use the to do what you're trying to achieve.

I have a same scenario to implement, can you provide some sample links, how can I achieve this, I also want to show charts in chatbot using I-frames, is there any way to do it, using button also how can we show the i-frame in chat window itself@Rama-MSFT