Is it possible to navigate from a personal tab to an app within another channel tab?

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I have a requirement to link from a Personal Tab app to a Channel Tab app. Is this possible? If so, how do you do it? I couldn't find any relevant info in the docs.




We have an app which runs in the Channel Tab and the Personal Tab. If you're viewing our app from your Personal Tab, you'll see a list of items which when clicked should navigate to our app in a Channel Tab associated with the clicked item. The channel could be under a different team, but it will be in the same organization, and you are already a member of that team and channel.

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You can accomplish this via Deep Linking. See more at but specifically here is an example cited in that page:

Link to a configurable tab itself:

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@jay1221 - Could you please confirm is your issue resolved or are you still looking for any help?
@jay1221 - We will check the status of the bug fix and update you soon.
@jay1221 - Engineering team is working on the bug fix. We will let you know once we get any updates from them.