Integrating Microsoft Teams into a Custom Azure-based CRM System

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We are redesigning the custom CRM system for a client. The new solution will be based on a Microsoft Azure architecture developed with

Net Core 8, Entity Framework Core 8.

A module of this CRM involves integrating interactions with end customers; essentially, we want to track all communications with the customer and everything that results from it. Currently, the client uses a third-party solution for VoIP telephony, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms to a lesser extent (Zoom, Skype). They are asking if it's possible to centralize everything on Microsoft Teams so that:
- The current telephone exchange is replaced by Microsoft Teams
- The CRM application is integrated with Microsoft Teams

While waiting to define the requirements in more detail, I've done some research and found resources that seem to confirm the feasibility of what we're being asked to do:

+ New tools for integrating Microsoft Teams calling capabilities into applications

+ Azure Communication Services interoperability with Microsoft Teams GA, opens up new integration scen...

+ What is Azure Communication Services?

+ Teams interoperability

+ Sistemi telefonici aziendali

+ What is Teams Phone

+ Get started with Microsoft Teams phones

+ PSTN connectivity options

+ Microsoft Teams developer documentation

+ Microsoft Teams app development resources

However, since I am not an expert in developing applications integrated with Microsoft Teams, I'm seeking help to verify if there are different and complementary resources or examples of similar implementations to what we want to achieve to share as experience.
Thank you in advance to those who will share their experience.

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