Incoming WebHook Create URL Something went wrong

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Dear Teams Dev,

I try create webhook URL, but something went wrong.


截圖 2021-05-20 上午12.43.42.png


Something went wrong.
An unexpected error occurred. Please try again.
RequestId: 43a89bab-052b-4ab7-957f-7ed920d8be58
Server: PU1PR01MB2153
Date: 5/19/2021 4:29:42 PM


Help me, Thanks.

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@hagridblack -  Thanks for bringing up this issue. Let me check this at our end and will let you know.

@hagridblack -  Could you please confirm are you still facing the issue?

best response confirmed by hagridblack (Copper Contributor)

The issue has been resolved.
I can successfully create a new WebHook at 2021/05/22.
Thank you help to me.