How to share real time copies of Teams files with external website

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What is the best method, if any, to share real time Teams files with the outside world via an external website. 


For example, I have a client that uses Teams for several different best practice project initiatives.  Each team is developing files (.docx) that will eventually contain best practices on how to do something within the life sciences field, with the intention of sharing these practices with the world via their .org once they are finalized.  


Is there a Microsoft app, preferably minimal coding, that would allow us to share the files via a real time link so that we don't need multiple copies?  The alternative is to obviously export the documents to be shared from that website, but that can often lead to version control issues.


Thanks in advance.

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@ajk83nv - We are looking into this I will get back to you soon.
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Thank you Sayali, much appreciated!


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