How to embed a channel chat using deep link

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I would you like to recreate the same behavior of the Microsoft Teams App for smartphone in the desktop version as well.

Actually when you interact with a chat in a channel, from the smartphone, you have the possibility to isolate that conversion thread. Basically is it possibile to have a page with only that conversation.

In the desktop version, instead, when you chat in a channel, you can see all conversations. 

This is very confusing especially if you works on multiple conversation in the same channel at the same time.

As I Know we can create a deep link for each conversation in the format of

Using this link you can reach, exactly that conversation in the channel. Microsoft Teams will highlight it with a yellow background.

Unfortunately you have also the possibility to scroll up and down other conversations.


Is possibile to show only that specific conversation ?

Alternatively is it possible to use this link in order to embed that conversation into an iFrame. Actually if you use that link into an iFrame it will embed the entire Microsoft Teams application, not only the conversation.


Thanks in advance


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Hi @maucec,
The syntax for deeplinking to a chat is<user1>,<user2>,...&topicName=<chat name>&message=<precanned text>. Please confirm are you using the same syntax? If not, please try with the above syntax and these urls are not Iframe-able ones.