How and where to update Company Communicator v4 App Registration Expired Client Secret

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How and where to update Company Communicator v4 App Registration Expired Client Secret in Azure. I see the option to create new secret but not renew it.

1.) If i create a new secret is it required to remove the old expired one ?

2.) After a new secret is created for both the Client and Author apps, where do i need to update the old Secret values with the newly created ones and which values need to be updated

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Yes, you can remove the existing expired secret and create a new one using below steps:

1. Click on New client secret’ and generate it.
2. Copy the value.

3. Replace the new secret value at all the places where you have used expired once. (AppSettings, KeyVault, Azure Bot etc.)


Note: You need to be careful because the resources you have created using old secret value, should also be updated or created newly.





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@mustafafarooq - Could you please confirm if your issue has resolved with above suggestion or still looking for any help?

Thanks, yes its resolved now, i was just having trouble locating where the secrets needed to be updated for each, the user app and the author app registrations. I have updated it in these three fields in the App Service > Configuration > Application Settings :
AuthorAppPassword (Author App Secret )
AzureAd:ClientSecret (Author App Secret )
UserAppPassword ( User App Secret )
Do you have screenshots of where to enter the new secret values?

@Nivedipa-MSFT I have performed all the steps as advised in the link provided and I am still getting the following error, this is after resyncing and restarting the app service.  I am still getting the following error message in the sign in logs for Company Communicator:

Failure reason
Invalid client secret provided. Ensure the secret being sent in the request is the client secret value, not the client secret ID, for a secret added to app '{identifier}'.
Additional Details
Developer error - the app is attempting to sign in without the necessary or correct authentication parameters.
In Teams this is what I see when I try to send a message: 

Here are the API Permissions for the Company Communicator app:




Hello @Ricardo_Thomas - As per the error details shared by you, it is because of you have copied Secret ID rather than secret value:
Please refer this comment:

Could you please make sure to update the secret value at all the places like: in appsettings/.env if you are running it locally or in your app service configuration (update key vault, if you are using it).

Please let us know if you will face same error again.


You can create new Azure app client secrets using both the azure portal and PowerShell. For more details on client secret management, refer:



With the most recent update


Does the new version of Teams Communicator Apps still require manual "secret" updates or any other regular maintenance performed by the Global ADmin at the backend Azure level?

@SystemEngineer - We are mainly responsible for Microsoft Teams app development related issues.

I would suggest you to please raise your query on the GitHub Repo itself for faster resolutions.