Get User email in Action Card in Incoming Webhook in Teams Channel

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I did make an external post request to a Teams channel using the incoming webhooks.

(Post external requests to Teams with incoming webhooks )

I did use the JSON of the Message card for the payload in that request.

(Sending messages to connectors and webhooks )


Users in the Teams channel can do the actions with this message.

(Add a comment, Set a due date, Change status)


I want to know that can we send the user email when doing some action with this message to an API endpoint?


In this example, I want to send the comment and the user who made the comment in the Teams channel.


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@DHJagath Currently getting the user Email in incoming webhook is not supported. This is in our backlog. However you could use the AAD object id that you get on post request,  to fetch user's email id using Graph API.

Its almost been a year.  Any update on this?  Is a link to a ticket or anything we can use to track the progress?

a full year now.. Any update at all?
I need this too. What is a decent way to at least get the user name in this? I have an action I need them to approve but without identifying who performed the action, this makes it a pain to find out who did it. If this broken everything then I have no way to identify who the culprit was...

@Gousia_Begum Hi, I use the legacy messageCard. I checked the headers of post request made by the messageCard but can't find the AAD Object Id you mentioned. Can you give more details?