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Is it possible to configure a deeplink with parameters

I would like to use it with a parameter that unmutes or mutes the mic.


msteams://"phone number" "Parameter"


Is this possible?



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Hi @JFM_12,

unfortunately, directly controlling microphone mute/unmute functionality through deep links with parameters in Microsoft Teams is not possible.

Here's why:

  • Deep Link Parameters:
    current deep link functionalities within Teams focus on directing users to specific areas of the platform, like initiating calls, opening chats, or accessing channels. They don't extend to controlling individual features within calls, like mute/unmute.

  • Microsoft Teams Functionality:
    Teams doesn't offer an API or built-in mechanism to manipulate mute/unmute status via deep links. This functionality is handled within the Teams application itself.

Deep links overview - Teams | Microsoft Learn

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Leon Pavesic

Hello @LeonPavesic 
Hope you have a great day.
Thank you very much for your answer. We have an issue with the Teams Mic functionality and therefore

I was looking for a solution. I have seen this site. 

Is there not another way to change it?

@JFM_12 - This is not possible through deeplinks. 

Please check below references-


  1. Please check the Toggle incoming audio API which allows an app to toggle the incoming audio state setting for the meeting user from mute to unmute or vice-versa.

    Please check this sample tab (side panel) application which shows how to mute/unmute Teams meeting audio using toggle Incoming Client Audio API.

  2. Mute a specific participant in the call using Graph API - participant: mute - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn
Hello @Meghana-MSFT
Thank you very much.
I would like to change a parameter and not to use the API. We use SAP for CRM and Teams has a calling poicy that allows us to click on the phone number and dial it. Unfortunately the mic is muted. Would like disable this bug.
Thanks again
This is currently not possible.
Thank you
Have a great day