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I have a question regarding custom teams apps.

We have an app with personal tab functionality, and i'd like to add notifications to this tab.


I.E. when something happens in regards to a specific user, the user recieves a notification which tells them what happened, and what they need to do next.

I was thinking of realising this functionality at first with BOT functionality of teams app, but then i thought it'd be more elegant if it would be possible to have the same notification functionality that Teams is already using for when you get @ from someone and in turn see this:


Or something similar, but just instead of having it for the Chat tab, have it for the apps personal tab.


I tried scouring the custom teams app documentation but the only thing i found was "isnotificationonly" boolean for the BOT functionality for custom teams app, but i dont think this is what i want.


Any suggestions or a specific blog for this kind of functionality would be greatly appreciated.


thanks in advance.

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@omeprazole - We are checking this issue, we will get back to you.

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@omeprazole - Currently it is not possible to show custom feed notifications similar to native Teams app in personal tabs. You can suggest this feature at Microsoft uservoice.


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Hey, thanks for your answer, i guess we'll be using BOT functionality for this now, this is the idea i've submitted: