Conference call: Mute people that are in the same physical room

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It would be so great if a user can mark people in a Teams meeting that sit in the same room (in the real world). Because at the moment if you have people sitting in the same room, you always here everything that is said with a delay in Teams again.

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Do you sit in the same conference room with personal headsets? Why not use a speakerphone? 


Or do you sit in an open office space and just sit close to the other participants? 


So you want to turn off sound from some participants in the meeting since they sit close to you. I guess that could create more problems than it solves, example that users accidently mark someone as in the same room and then they can't hear them. But I would suggest that you create a uservoice request for this and try to promote it to get attention from Microsoft. 

@Linus CansbyThanks for your replay.


I am talking about the open office space.
You are right there is a risk off shutting out participants that you cannot hear, but from my perspective hearing my neighbor twice is very anoying and confusing if the meeting takes many hours.



I also find it a rather annoying issue. Software shouldn't limit people's ability to use their own computers while videoconferencing. Everyone may be presenting some part in a presentation. In our firm we use Jabra and do sittings at a single computer, but it is very restricting and doesn't look professional. It hinders the work flow too. It's sad that only non-professional applications intended for gaming have such abilities nowadays.