Conditionally Release Teams App Tab

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In MS Teams for EDU there is a Class Insights app that is conditionally released to the Owner/Educator in the Team. I'm wondering if there is a sample you can point me to that shows how to accomplish this in my own Teams App development. Every search I try on Conditionally Releasing in Teams takes me to documentation on Azure AD, but I'm looking more for a simple check on the role a user has in a Team:


<pseudocode> if user is Owner: Display this_tab; else Display this_other_tab</pseudocode>

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@Jared Bennett, What my understanding is - you need to show content conditionally. For managers you need to show some particular Tab and for user different tab. Well on Tab level i don't see any way to hanel it. You can make use of Graph api's which will give you role of the user and based on user you can change the content of the tab. for this approach please check this api.