Building and installing a Teams bot app for on-premises softwares

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I am quite new to Teams and to building bots for it, so I am still trying to figure things out and find my way through the documentation.

Using NodeJS, I built a simple prototype one that can receive notifications and send requests to my software.


However, my software is installed on-premises, which means all users using it have a different domain name for it (,…). To be able to use it, the app needs to know what is the endpoint of the requests.

I wonder how I can build my bot app in those conditions and have it in the Teams Marketplace.


My question is : I assume I want a team admin to set the domain name in some app settings before installing it for a team and users to use.
Is it even possible? If yes how?


I suppose it is possible to achieve that by having the users install a custom app, but then the app cannot be in the Marketplace.
I also suppose I can ask individual users to first enter the name of the domain, it sounds repetitive and the info would then be stored in some userData.
Isn't there some teamData instead? Could it mean having one user set those information and have them stored for everyone?

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