Build Incoming webhook for particular user not channel

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Hi Microsoft Team,


I tried creating Incoming webhooks for a channel and expectedly it will notify every members of that channel. Is there a similar method or way where I could send an event/notification message from our service to a particular user, not in channel? Is it possible to create a custom app with this approach?


Thank you.

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@avillanueva, Webhooks does not work for a particular user. You can think of proactive messaging. You need to build a bot and based on trigger you can send proactive messaging. In case if you don't want to go for complete app development, you can think of a Power apps or Power automate. Using power automate you can set the trigger and send message to user. Please check the documentation.

Hi  @Abhijit_MSFT,


I understand. Thanks for the information. I'll try your suggestion.