Architecture of teams tab app?

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I'm looking into a teams tab integration for a web app. The idea is this teams tab app will just be a static page for now with some buttons that redirects users. When reading the docs on getting started building I noticed they tell you to provision and deploy your app. I'm wondering if this means the app is actually deployed somewhere (running on a machine) and teams just embeds it or if teams is downloading the source code when you install an app on your client? The ultimate goal is to submit this to MS to publish to the MS store but I'm having trouble understanding what is actually being hosted and how teams accesses the content. Any information would be helpful!

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@SadPython - When you build a Teams tab app, the app itself is not hosted by Teams. Instead, when a user installs your app in Teams, they install an app package that contains a configuration file (app manifest) and your app's icons. The app's logic and data storage are hosted elsewhere, such as on localhost during development or on Azure Web Services when deployed to the cloud. Teams accesses these external resources via HTTPS.

In the case of a static page with buttons for redirection, you can host the static content (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) on a platform like Azure Storage configured for static web hosting. This means that when the Teams tab app is loaded, it will fetch the static content from the specified hosting location.

To clarify, Teams does not download the source code of your app to the client device. Instead, the app logic is executed remotely, and Teams acts as a container to display the app interface within the Teams client.

When you are ready to submit your Teams tab app to the Microsoft Store, you will need to package your app correctly with the necessary configuration files and icons and ensure that your app is hosted on a server accessible via HTTPS.

Ref: Microsoft Teams tabs - Teams | Microsoft Learn

Microsoft-Teams-Samples/samples/tab-personal/mvc-csharp at main · OfficeDev/Microsoft-Teams-Samples ...





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