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Does anybody knows can I find some reports which applications our users has been used in Teams?

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@Petri X , If you are looking for how many users have installed the app in Teams. Then there is a way. 
You need to implement the OnConversationUpdateActivityAsync() method, everytime user install an app in Teams, this method gets fired and you could save user detail along with team/channel info into database. And you could always query the database and get the number of user installed the app.

Thank you @subhasish-MSFT for your quick reply.


But I'm looking for statistics for:

- How many has used applications during last 90 days.

If we see that some of the applications should be disabled, it would be better to see how many has used the application.


The installation status you offered, that seems to be suitable solution for application which are controlled by us, but Microsoft products and also third part tools are most likely out of that.


It helps your work when you know your users.

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@Petri X ,

You could view and download the report in Teams admin center -> Analytics & Report-> Usage Report-> App usage report.
Here is the detail link . 


Hurray ! That was really I was looking for !