App Studio, notification functionally?

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Hello Everyone,


We recently published a custom app (created through App Studio, Create a new app) in Teams with the ability to show an internal SharePoint page (Personal tab).


I'm wondering what the most user friendly way is to notify employees in Teams of a change on the internal SharePoint page. Can this be accomplished by adding a kind of chat functionality to the custom app; or do we need to set up a company wide Teams Channel? I personally prefer the first option, a chat functionality added to the custom app; however I'm not sure if this is possible. 


Thank you for your professional insight.

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Hi @Bart_Van_Eynde_2100 Using Power Automate you can send message to channel when changes were made in Sharepoint Page.   



@Bart_Van_Eynde_2100  Any update on this?

@Mamatha-MSFT, working excellent. Thank you very much for the support.
@Bart_Van_Eynde_2100, Good to hear. Thanks for confirming on the same with us.