Adding copy and paste to context menu on Teams

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I'm working on a project that uses SharePoint framework (React, etc...) and is used in the Teams environment on both desktop and browser. I'm trying to implement a Context/Right click menu that features copy and paste functionality, and I'm wondering if there's a simple way to do it? I'm using Clipboard API to copy text (fairly easily), but the readClipboard functions wont work. I assume it's a security issue. Client is aware that Ctrl+V is an option, but would really like to have access to regular copy paste on right-click. Thank you!

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To render the menu, you can listen to the contextmenu event, which is triggered by right clicking. Then you can render a custom menu.

The copy/paste etc is probably done using document.execCommand(), which can be used to trigger copy/paste and such. Check your browser to see which commands are supported.

// on right click, copy to clipboard.
document.querySelector('body').addEventListener('contextmenu', function( event ) {
    // prevent the normal context menu from popping up
    // copy current selection


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